What Skills Do I Need for the CHSPE Math Test?

What Skills Do I Need for the CHSPE Math Test?

Before you ask what skills I need for the CHSPE math test, you need to understand what it is and why you might need to take it. Is it the same as the GED? Which one is better?

Provided below is as much information as you should need to get started on your way to gaining the knowledge and skills required to pass the CHSPE math test.

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What is the CHSPE Math Test?

The California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) is a test administered to students in California wanting to leave high school early. You must be 16 years old or in your second semester of sophomore year at high school.

The CHSPE is not exactly a high school diploma; it simply means you are not legally required to attend high school anymore.

It differs from the GED in that you must be 18 years old to take the GED, and the CHSPE is only available in English. So, with the CHSPE, you can leave school early and continue with alternative education or a professional career.

The CHSPE is broken into two parts. We’re going to focus on the math test and what skills you need to pass the test.

Test Structure

The CHSPE math test consists of 50 multichoice questions that assess your skills in various areas, and the questions are broken down further into:

  • Number Sense and Operations with 9 questions.
  • Patterns, Relationships, and Algebra with 15 questions.
  • Data, Statistics, and Probability with 12 questions.
  • Geometry and Measurement with 14 questions.

Questions across all sections will also assess your understanding of the mathematical processes of communication and representation, reasoning and problem-solving, mathematical connections, and estimation.

The test is pencil and paper-based, so you can go back to revise your answers.

The full CHSPE test allows you 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete; this is the total time for both tests and NOT just the math section. You are responsible for dividing your time between the tests.

A reference sheet containing all required formulas is provided, so memorizing them is not required.

A standard basic calculator can be used but is not required. You must not bring a scientific or graphing calculator.

CHSPE Scoring

To pass the CHSPE, you must pass all three tests, and math is only one of them. If you fail any one of the tests, you can retake the failed test later; however, testing only happens three times a year.

Your test will be graded between 250 – 450, the scoring is scaled, and you must get at least 350 to pass the math test.

You do NOT get points deducted for incorrect answers, so even if you don’t know, you need to guess as this could benefit you.

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Math Skills Required for CHSPE

The optimal way to prepare for this test would be to follow a study guide and use practice tests to see how well you are prepared. You can find an excellent option for this at Effortless Math.

If you plan to study on your own and want to know exactly what you should be reviewing, then the following areas will be helpful:

Number Sense and Operations

Patterns, Relationships, and Algebra

Data, Statistics, and Probability

Geometry and Measurement

Final Thoughts

If your future opportunities don’t require high school or an actual high school diploma, then the CHSPE is a great option to get out of high school early and continue with your goals.

Whether you’re an actor, working towards a professional sports career, or even have the chance to continue your education with a trade school or community college, then this starts you on that journey early.

You may even find that high school just isn’t for you, and you want to get a job now. Whatever the case, the CHSPE removes your requirement to attend high school, but that doesn’t mean you must leave straight away.

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