How is the CHSPE Test Scored?

How is the CHSPE Test Scored?

The California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) is a standardized test administered two to three times each year by the California Department of Education. It is for students who want to explore alternatives to their education and professional life. This test measures students’ skills in language arts and mathematics. Passing both sections gives the student a certificate of proficiency, which is equivalent to a high school diploma.

Here is some information about CHSPE scoring.

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CHSPE test content and score breakdown

CHSPE includes two main parts. One focuses on mathematics and the other on English language arts. Test-takers are given 3.5 hours to complete the test. Scoring requirements for each section are set below. CHSPE results will be emailed to test takers about five weeks after the exam date.

1- Mathematics:

The math section of the test uses a multiple-choice format and contains 50 questions. Scoring for this part of the test is scaled and individuals can earn less than 250 points and no more than 450 points. The minimum passing score is 350.

2- English language arts

The English language arts section has two subtests. One covers language and the other covers reading.


The results of the English Language Arts Test section combine a person’s scaled score in 48 multiple-choice questions with the score obtained in the written assignments. Individuals must earn at least 2.5 points (out of a possible 5 points) in the writing assignment to obtain a passing score on the language subtest. With 2.5 in writing assignments, they should get 365 in the multiple-choice section. Those who get 350 out of multiple-choice questions must have a score of 3 in the writing section to be accepted. By taking the 3.5 writing test, an examiner needs only 342 multiple-choice questions to pass this subtest.

This subtest is used to determine whether individuals can effectively organize written information and follow grammatical rules. Their understanding of the mechanics of language, such as how to use punctuation or when to capitalize words, is also assessed.


The score a person receives for the reading subtest is also between 250 and 450, and each examiner must earn less than 350 to pass this subtest.  

To read whether an examiner can understand the information presented in writing and analyze the text, the reading section of the English language test is used. It also addresses issues such as the examiner’s ability to understand words based on the context in which they are used. This part of the test has 84 questions.

How to check your CHSPE score?

About five weeks after you take the CHSPE, you will receive a mail saying “pass” or “not pass”. All examinees receive a score report. The test is scored on a bell curve, and about 40% of people who take it do not pass the first test.

If you do not receive your official score report after five weeks, contact the CHSPE office to verify correct US postal information and submit a written request for a replacement set of test results.

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