Overview of the CHSPE Mathematics Test

Overview of the CHSPE Mathematics Test

The California High School Skills Proficiency Exam or CHSPE was created by California law so that students can earn the equivalent of a high school diploma. Admission to CHSPE is not equivalent to completing the requirements for high school graduation. However, a Certificate of Proficiency awarded after passing the CHSPE can be used for federal financial aid, college education, and federal civilian employment in which a high school diploma is required.

The CHSPE includes an English Language Arts section and a Mathematics section. Passing both parts is required to pass the CHSPE and receive the Certificate of Proficiency. The total time allotted for the test is three and a half hours. Either section of the test is not timed and you can divide the time as you wish.

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How is the structure of the CHSPE Mathematics test?

The CHSPE mathematics part has 50 multiple-choice questions broken into 4 content areas, including:

  • Number Sense and Operations: 9 questions
  • Patterns, Relationships, and Algebra: 15 questions
  • Data, Statistics, and Probability: 12 questions
  • Geometry and Measurement: 14 questions

In the following section, we briefly review the math topics in the test:

1- Number Sense and Operations:

The first part of the CHSPE Math test focuses on topics like estimation, scientific notation, exponents, the order of operation, operations with real numbers and radicals, and absolute value. Your ability to recognize the numbers and possible operations between them measures in this part.

2- Patterns, Relationships, and Algebra:

In this part, you should be able to show that in addition to performing algebraic operations, you can also identify numerical patterns and relationships between numbers. Questions include linear functions, the slope of a line, inequalities, solving quadratic, and geometric transformations.

3- Data, Statistics, and Probability:

This part is for testing your ability with data interpretation, data analysis, and statistics. In this section, you must make inferences from data, solve problems with combinations and permutations.

4- Geometry and Measurement:

In the geometry section, you should be familiar with circumference, area, volume, scale drawings, and measurements of the perimeter. Also, you should know how to use Pythagoras’ theorem.

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Is the CHSPE Mathematics test hard?

It will not be difficult for you if you take enough time to prepare for the CHSPE test.

Do you get a formula sheet on the CHSPE Mathematics test?

The CHSPE math test does not provide a list of all the basic formulas needed to know the test. This means that you should memorize many mathematical formulas on the CHSPE test.

Can you use a calculator on the CHSPE Math test?

Calculators are allowed on the CHSPE Math section, but with some restrictions. Also, you cannot share your calculator with other examinees, to prevent people who want to use them to share information during the test.

What is the passing score on the CHSPE Mathematics test?

Scoring for this section of the test is scaled and individuals can earn less than 250 points and more than 450 points. To pass the math section, you must have a scale score of at least 350.

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