7 Best PSAT Math Study Guides

7 Best PSAT Math Study Guides

Every year, over 3.4 million students take their PSAT. And while this test does not impact your college admission application, it is mainly used to determine if you qualify for the National Merit Scholarship. Therefore, if you care about getting that scholarship, you must take the PSAT seriously.

To help you pass the PSAT Math test, you are recommended to use PSAT Math guides in your preparation. However, there are hundreds of such guides offered online. Yet, reading and going through all these study guides is almost impossible. So which of these resources should you choose?

Here are the seven Best PSAT Math Study Guides guaranteed to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to sit for your PSAT:

1. PSAT Math for Beginners: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Preparing for the PSAT Math Test

As an up-to-date study guide, PSAT Math for Beginners consists of the 2020 test guidelines for PSATs.

These guidelines can help you learn the most effective methods and strategies to prepare well for your test.

Also, you will learn how to boost your confidence, improve your math skills and overcome any exam anxiety that you may have.

This study guide features numerous basic study guides and structured lessons that are easy to understand.

Also, it consists of two PSAT math tests that demonstrate the types of questions and format that you can expect to find on the PSAT.

Furthermore, each segment of the workbook contains a study guide. These guides will help you not only understand different math concepts but also retain these even after completing the lessons.

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2. PSAT/NMSQT Study Guide

This study guide offers hundreds of practice tests with detailed answers and explanations. These explanations are designed to help you comprehend concepts better.

Also, you will be able to pinpoint different weak point areas where you need to put in extra effort and study more.

In addition, the PSAT/NMSQT study guide offers practical advice, tips, and strategies on how to prepare for PSATs.

The subject reviews provided also help to improve math skills, writing skills, and critical reading skills.

To access more questions and resources, you can buy the paid-for PSAT/NMSQT study guide.

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3. The Official SAT Study Guide

This is a new edition of SAT study guide written by The College Board. And since PSATs are usually practice tests for the actual SAT, this guide offers eight SAT practice tests for students to learn and improve their skills.

While these practice tests can be accessed online, you can also print them into a book. Printing an actual book helps to make your practice more convenient and organized.

In addition to these practice questions, you can also expect to find detailed answer explanations for three main subjects: Writing, Math, and Reading.

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4. Apex Prep 2018 & 2019 PSAT Study Guide

Published in 2018, the Apex Prep study guide features 167 pages. It provides a clear, general overview of PSAT tests what to expect from these, easy tips on how to take tests, and test section breakdowns.

Also, the study guide consists of different practice questions, with each question having its detailed answer and explanation. These questions mimic the questions that you will find in your PSAT.

Therefore, practicing these study guide questions will give you the confidence you need to undertake the test. More so, you will learn and understand different ways of solving math problems.

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5. Mometrix PSAT Prep Quick Study Guide

A high-quality study guide should meet these three attributes: be short, concise, and relevant. And Mometrix PSAT guide meets all these 3 criteria, hence making it the ideal PSAT Math study guide.

It offers different practice questions and detailed explanations that help you improve your math skills.

Also, the test guide features a user-friendly interface that is broken down into an easy format. For example, you will find a quick PSAT review, as well as a detailed analysis of the writing test, reading test, and math test.

Simply put, the information is organized very well to ensure that you prepare for the PSAT effectively.

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6. PSAT Exam Secrets Study Guide

While this PSAT Math study guide comes at a higher price than most other guides, you can rest assured that the high quality provided by the book is worth every single penny you spend.

The guide offers several Math tests, language tests, a clearer breakdown of the evidence-based reading tests, writing tests, and a detailed overview of the PSAT.

Every section of the workbook was laid out and explained very well. Therefore, even complete beginners can easily follow along with the content of the study guide.

PSAT Exam Secrets Study Guide also allows you to practice different PSAT questions.

Besides, these questions come with fully explained answers that can help you improve your skill in answering questions.

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7. Princeton Review PSAT/NMSQT Prep

Princeton offers numerous study guides to help you meet all your test preparation needs. The PSAT guide is divided into different major sections, namely:

  • Writing and Language study guide
  • Reading study guide
  • Math study guide

The PSAT Math guide discusses different terms that you need to know and math concepts that will help you prepare well for the PSAT.

The study guide breaks down all the important concepts that you need to know for your PSAT test. Hence, when you decide to use this guide, you are recommended to use it as a supplement to other PSAT study plans.

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PSAT Study Guides Comparison Table (2021)

RankTitlePublisher# of PagesPractice testOnline materialPrice
#1PSAT Math for BeginnersEffortless Math Education277 pages2 full-length practice testsYes$19.99
#2PSAT/NMSQT Study GuideBarrons Educational Series648 pagesYesYes $13.81
#3The Official SAT Study Guide College Board 1300 pages8 practice tests No $20.96
#4Apex Prep 2018 & 2019 PSAT Study Guide APEX Test Prep187 pagesYesNo $2.98
#5Mometrix PSAT Prep Quick Study Guide  Mometrix Media LLC306 pagesYesYes $7.48
#6PSAT Exam Secrets Study Guide Mometrix Media LLC128 pagesYesYes $42.39
#7Princeton Review PSAT/NMSQT Prep Princeton Review 528 pages 3 full-length practice tests No $33.33


When it comes to choosing PSAT preparation books, you have numerous options. Yet, it is not just any prep book that will offer you the skills, knowledge, and effective methods to help you prepare for your PSAT. To succeed in your test, you need to use the best study guides and resources.

The seven Best PSAT Math Study Guides provide users with practical tips, methods, practice questions, and every resource they need to succeed in their PSAT.

So unless you want to gamble with your scholarship, get yourself one of these study guides and guarantee yourself success in your upcoming PSAT test!

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