How is the TASC Test Scored?

How is the TASC Test Scored?

Test Assessing Secondary Completion or TASC, consists of five subtests that are taken and scored separately: Science, Mathematics, Reading, Writing, and Social Studies. The writing subtest includes an essay that is scored separately. Many educational institutions in the United States equate the TASC exam with the equivalent of high school. That means that if you have passed all five TASCs, you have officially earned your high school equivalent and can apply to colleges and universities or jobs. You can also apply for financial assistance by receiving an equivalent. But, you have to remember that this is not the same as getting a high school diploma.

To better prepare for the TASC exam, you need to know how to score on exams and what role the results play in determining your level of education. To learn more about reading TASC scores, read on.

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Understanding scores

Each section of the TASC test contains primarily multiple-choice questions. You will also encounter extended response, gridded response, and if you take the test on a computer, technology-enhanced questions such as drag-and-drop.

Every gridded response and the multiple-choice question is worth one point. Points are not deducted for incorrect answers, so be sure to answer any questions. Extended response questions can be more valuable if there are more than two answers. If the question has two parts, you must answer both correctly to make the question correct. The essay is graded by two readers on a scale of 0 to 4, so the highest score is 8. If the points are within one point of one another, they add up together for a total score. For example, if one passage scores an essay 4 and another score it 3, the total score will be 7. If their scores are more than one point difference, the third passage is given, and then the two scores closest together out of the three will be used for the final essay grade.

The raw score is calculated based on how many questions you answer correctly in each section. This number is placed in a mathematical equation that converts it to a scalable score that is between 300- 800.

What are the good scores for the TASC?

The passing score for each of these subtests is 500, and you must also score a minimum of 2/8 on the essay portion of the Language-Arts Writing test. The cumulative TASC passing score is 2500. It is important to note that even if your cumulative total is 2,500 or more, you must pass each subtest to pass the TASC.

If you do not get a passing score on a particular subtest, there is a silver line – no need to retake the whole test! You can take a maximum of two subtests for free.

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What is the highest score on the TASC test?

The highest possible score on each subtest is 800 plus a score of 8 for writing an essay. If you get a high score in math, reading, or writing, you will receive a Distinguished Achievement notation for that score. The Distinguished Achievement score is 560 for math and writing and 580 for reading.

How long does it take to receive TASC exam scores?

The length of time before your TASC score is reported varies from state to state and also depends on whether you took the online (computer-based) test or the paper test. Generally, computer-based score reports are installed in the reporting system within 3 to 24 hours after the test. You can access your score report in 2-3 days through your state’s TASC portal. Paper test reports will take a maximum of 10 working days and will be available to the candidate within 10-14 days. If you choose the PC version, you can see your performance in many parts of the test immediately after work.

High School Equivalency Tests

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TASC math test does not provide a list of all basic formulas that will be required to know for the test. So you will need to recall many TASC math formulas.

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