A Comprehensive Collection of Free TASC Math Practice Tests

A Comprehensive Collection of Free TASC Math Practice Tests

The Test Assessing Secondary Completion known as the TASC Test measures your abilities in mathematics, reading, writing, social studies, and science. It is offered in either a paper-and-pencil format or as a computerized test. The math portion of the TASC test focuses on mathematical skills that contribute to college and career readiness.

A Comprehensive Collection of Free TSI Math Practice Tests

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The mathematical concepts that you must be proficient in are:

• Numbers and quantities

• Algebra

• Functions

• Geometry

• Statistics and probability

On the Mathematics Test, you will answer approximately 52 questions in 105 minutes.

It is divided into two parts. The first part will take 50 minutes to answer questions with the aid of a calculator. 

In the second part, you will spend 55 minutes answering questions for which you are not permitted to use a calculator.

Keep in mind that you will not be allowed to use your calculator. But a TI-30XS calculator will be provided during the test time that has many scientific functions.

There are 37 multiple-choice questions, 12 gridded response items, and two technology-enhanced items in the TASC Mathematics section.

There are no penalties for wrong answers so if you do not know the answer, you can guess.

If you do not succeed on the exam, you are allowed two retakes per calendar year.

How to Prepare for the TASC Math Test?

Make a Schedule: Having a daily study plan is helpful to practice and review the materials in a way that you fully understand. The quality of your studying is more important than the amount of time you spend. The best schedule is made according to your ability and needs. 

Get Professional Help: You have to focus on learning the exact skills you will need. Some parts of math may be more challenging and require someone to help you. Sometimes you can get help in the form of an online TASC math study guide. Be sure that you get help from reliable resources.

Take Practice Tests: One of the most useful ways to prepare for a test is by taking plenty of practice tests. Many free practice tests are available to challenge you in all aspects of the TASC exam. As they include answer explanations, you will better understand the material and do better on the actual TASC.

Manage Time: This test must be completed within a limited time. So, you have to do plenty of test prep to increase your speed of problem-solving. Besides that, you have to learn the strategies to be used for different types of questions.

7 Best Websites for TASC Math Practice Tests

  • EfforthlessMath

This website generally covers the mathematical portion of all popular tests including TASC. It helps you with free math practice tests that have the same quality as the actual test.

If you need to study and then take tests, there are several great books. By choosing each one of them, you get access to abundant questions, examples, reviews, practice tests, and many more.

Besides that, there are some video lessons and tutorials that help you to be proficient in math. Take the benefits of this website to pass the TASC exam with the best score.  

  • Tascpracticetest

You will find countless free practice tests for math and all other subjects that are tested on the TASC exam. It offers 2 practice tests for the mathematical portion of the exam and represents the format, quality, and content of the actual test.

The first part contains 40 multiple-choice questions and the second part contains 12 fill-in-the-blank questions. The best time to take them is when you are fully prepared so that your progress and math knowledge will be revealed.

  •  Test-guide

It covers not only TASC but also plenty of popular tests. With the aid of this website, you will have access to five free math practice tests. Taking them is helpful to know what type of questions you may face on the actual exam.

There is a useful guide that provides you with up-to-date information about the test. Because taking a test with cognition, may reduce your exam anxiety, and therefore you achieve the best result.

  • Uniontestprep

There are free math practice tests on this website that are offered lesson by lesson. The main purpose of them is to build your skill in all topics so that solving the questions takes less time. It also contains flashcards to help you with difficult concepts.

Some sections are devoted to classrooms and lessons for those who need to study, learn, and then practice. Try to read its study guide to have enough information about different aspects of the exam. 

  • Mathhelp

This website divides the mathematical concepts into smaller sections and offers numerous free practice tests for each of them. The benefit of them is that you will have the opportunity to find challenging subjects and work on them.

By mastering all the essential math topics, taking the TASC test with less anxiety and more confidence will be possible. So, keep in mind that, the more you practice, the better result you may gain.

  • 4tests

It is another great website that provides free practice exams for all subjects tested on the TASC. Math is always one of the challenging subjects so taking practice tests is necessary to overcome it. There are some TASC math books that you can buy directly from the study store on the website.

In addition, it offers tutorials for those who have more problems in math learning and need a professional tutor to help them. So, it provides different options to use and get the best score on the exam.

  • Study

Mastering math requires high-quality studies and solving questions as much as possible. That is why this website contains free math practice tests and courses. The benefit of taking free tests on this website is that the result is shown and then you will understand if your knowledge is adequate for the exam.

As these tests reflect the type of questions you will see on the TASC exam, it is a great opportunity to boost confidence and eliminate the exam anxiety.

Best TASC Math Prep Resource

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Free TASC Math Practice Tests

10 Best TASC Math Books

  1. Studying TASC Math for Beginners is helpful to learn the materials and practice a lot to master them. But first, it is highly recommended to study tips and tricks and develop your problem-solving skills. With the aid of reviews and examples for each topic, the ability to learn thoroughly is provided. After that, you need some sample questions to solve and this is what the book offers. Those sections help you be well-prepared to take the full-length exam and test out your knowledge and performance.
  2. If you choose the TASC Math Exercise Book as one of your study resources, you will get access to valuable strategies to boost your test-taking skills. The test is timed so you have to practice over and over to increase the speed of solving problems. That is why the book is filled with abundant sample questions that cover the majority of topics you have to know. They all help you complete the full-length TASC practice tests of the book.
  3. The TASC Math Practice Workbook covers all the mathematical materials that are tested on the exam. There are tens of exercise questions for each topic so by answering them, you become proficient in all mathematical concepts. After that, you have enough math knowledge to complete the book’s 2 practice tests. It is better to take them within a limited time to experience the exam condition, test out your preparation, and measure your performance. So, do not underestimate the role of taking practice tests in reaching the test level.
  4. It is the best choice to learn mathematical materials through the TASC Math Study Guide. There are some great strategies to study efficiently and make the best decisions for different types of questions. Every math topic is explained through a comprehensive review and examples. Then, by answering several sample questions, you can apply the formulas and your math knowledge. It is suggested to keep going and take 2 full-length TASC math practice tests from the book. Because you need them to ace the exam more confidently.
  5. You will reach the math level of the exam with the TASC Math in 10 Days. The goal is that learn the materials quickly but thoroughly. So, there are brief reviews and examples used to learn and prepare to answer the sample questions. That way, the speed of solving problems will be increased so that it is better to complete the math practice tests of the book within a time limit. Their role in boosting confidence and reducing exam anxiety is inevitable.
  6. The 5 TASC Math Practice Tests are what you need to complete after fully preparing for the exam. What you will see in the book is reflective of the format, content, and quality of the TASC test. By taking several high-quality math practice tests, test anxiety will reduce while confidence will be developed. As they contain detailed answer keys, the possibility to find weak and strong points is available. Therefore, you can work on the challenging parts and take the test successfully.
  7. The TASC Math Tutor is one of the valuable self-study books that covers the mathematical portion of the exam. You are given useful strategies to improve the quality of your study and find the best ways to answer questions of any type. In this book, there are hints and examples for all essential topics. Some sample questions are offered so that you will apply whatever you have learned. Then, completing the practice tests is the best step toward knowing the exam style and content.
  8. The materials in the Comprehensive TASC Math Practice Book 2020-2021 are categorized into several topics. There are lots of exercises that help you learn each concept thoroughly before going to the next one. If the speed of problem-solving is important to you, solving the majority of questions will be the best way. The book contains 2 full-length math practice tests that aim to develop your knowledge about the form and content of TASC. They also avoid making a mistake twice by explaining the answer to each question.
  9. The TASC Math Study Guide 2020-2021 is another perfect self-study book that helps you reach the test level. It is suggested to study each section of the book respectively. Because first, you learn the materials through reviews and then you can answer several sample questions to be proficient completely. Two TASC math practice tests are given to help you enhance your confidence. Completing these tests may reveal your performance and preparation to take the actual exam.
  10. You will see abundant exercises in the TASC Math Prep 2020-2021. The benefit of them is that you can increase your problem-solving speed which is very important on TASC. With the aid of these exercises, you will master the topics and prepare to answer any type f question. This book has 2 full-length math practice tests that familiarize you with the difficulty level and format of the questions you have to answer on the TASC.

The variety of websites and books is introduced comprehensively and in detail. Using each one of them may help you take the exam confidently and pass with the perfect score you have ever thought about.

Best TASC Math Prep Resource

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