TASC Testing Accommodation and Support for Disabilities

TASC Testing Accommodation and Support for Disabilities

The TASC is a high school equivalency test that replaced the GED test in 2014. Now in 2022, in states like New York and Indiana, a student can take the TASC test to earn a High School diploma, bringing in greater opportunities.

Passing a TASC will allow the examinee to move on to college or start their careers, which is why every student must be given the same ability to pass this very important test.

In the past, students with disabilities had difficulty with standardized testing because there were no systems to support them.

Things changed in 2008 when the ADA Amendments Act required testing facilities to provide accommodations for examinees with disabilities.

The DRC is committed to working with the ADA Amendments Act to ensure that every examinee has equal access to the TASC.

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Disability Accommodations

TASC testing facilities now provide special tools, materials, and accommodations to support all examinees with disabilities. These adjustments are in the form of alternative testing formats, allowable resources, and special testing accommodations.

These accommodations are designed to assist the examinee without giving them an unfair advantage over the other test-takers.

Some (but not all) disabilities that may require special accommodations are:

  • Visual Impairment
  • Mobility Impairment
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Cognitive Disability
  • Reading Disability
  • Writing Language Disability
  • Math Disability
  • Science and Social Studies Disability

Alternative Formats

The TASC offers alternative formats to fit the many needs of examinees. These alternative formats include both the English and Spanish languages. Testing facilities will provide large print, braille, and audio CD formats upon prior notification.

Allowable Resources

Examinees are allowed certain tools and materials that will assist them in completing the test. The TASC examination comes in two options: Paper Best Test (PBT) and Computer Based Test (CBT). Both of these test types are available to examinees with disabilities, but the accommodations vary.

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Other allowed resources that you should bring on TASC testing day:

  • Multiple pencils and erasers
  • Standard science calculator
  • Calculator and mathematics formula sheet
  • Scratch paper for problem-solving and option elimination
  • Place markers, Straightedges, or Blocking Ruler
  • Highlighter 

Special Testing Accommodations

Beyond providing examination tools and materials, the facilities can also provide special testing accommodations. Some of these special accommodations include extra time to complete the test or comfortable lighting.

These accommodations will only be approved with proper documentation of the examinee’s diagnosis to support their request.

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