What is a Good PSAT Score?

What is a Good PSAT Score?

For many students, the PSAT or Preliminary SAT is taken at least once in high school to prepare for the SAT. However, those who pass the PSAT in 11th grade are eligible for a prestigious National Merit Scholarship. Understanding what a good PSAT score is will help you to try to achieve a good enough score.

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The PSAT score is between 320 and 1520 points. You will get two scaled scores between 160 and 760: one for combined reading and writing (EBRW) and one for math. You will also see how you perform in all three sections with a test score between 8 and 38.

To find out what makes a good PSAT score for a sophomore, we need to look at the percentiles. Percentiles compare your section score and composite scores to other testers. So if your math score is in the 70th percentile, you are equal to or greater than 70% of the test takers (and the remaining 30% scored higher than you). The higher your percentile, the better score you will get on PSAT compared to others.

We can define a “good” PSAT score for a sophomore as a score above the 75th percentile. It means that you scored above 75% of the high school sophomores who passed the PSAT. The 75th percentile score in each section is about 520-540, or a total of 1,060.

Therefore, a good PSAT score for a sophomore is a combined score above 1,060.

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