How to do well on the PSAT test?

How to do well on the PSAT test?

For many students, PSAT is their first experience of what standardized college tests are, and it helps a lot of people understand their strengths and weaknesses academically.

The PSAT is intended as a sort of practice for the SAT, so the questions are set relatively more straightforwardly than the SAT, have a shorter duration, and give you more time per question than the SAT.

Since the PSAT is the preliminary SAT, it sorts of gives you a clue of what your junior SAT score will be. Some students believe that since it’s an initial test, they don’t need to study for it.

Still, if you perform very well, you might qualify for the National Merit Scholarship recognition, which provides a college scholarship and looks very good on your college application.

Tips to pass your PSAT exam excellently well include:

1. Practice:

you should familiarize yourself with any past questions you get a hold of. You can easily find them on the college board.

There are a lot of avenues available to help you, teachers, tutors, PSAT prep classes, and online help. You’ll have an idea of what to expect when you finally have to sit down for the exam.

Get familiar with the testing style as well as timing.

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2. Answer all questions:

this test does not penalize wrong answers, so answering all of the questions will be quite beneficial since you might get the ones you’re not so sure about.

Also, to keep to time while answering questions, try to prioritize the easy ones. The questions all have the same marks, so you don’t have to worry about missing the ones with the highest mark.

Instead of wasting time on a question trying to get the answer, answer all the easy ones first and go back to the ones you’ve not answered when you’re through.

Please read the questions very well before answering. Skipping a word in the question can cause you to misinterpret the question, hence getting it wrong, which is why you should try to read each question more than once.

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3. Pack smartly:

some students, due to tension, usually forget one or two essentials in the exam hall. While going to the exam hall, have 2 pencils, an approved calculator, and a valid ID. Anything asides from these are bound to put you in trouble.

Electronic devices and smartwatches, protractors, rulers, highlighters, colored pencils, pens, food, and drinks should not in any situation be taken along with you into the exam hall.

4. Be well prepared on the day before the exam:

by the end of this day, you should have been fully prepared for the exam the next day, have your bag packed, be relaxed and calm, clear your mind, and stop getting about the exam.

Sleep early so you can wake early, be well-rested, and be stress-free. You don’t want to walk into the exam hall the next day looking like a zombie.

Good test preparation habits should not only be kept when writing PSAT, but every other exam you’ll sit for in your lifetime.

The PSAT has always been an integral part of helping high school students qualify for scholarships and understand what their SAT questions are like.

And although PSAT tests can be challenging and stressful, having strong test preparation habits gives you the confidence you need to write the exams and helps you believe in yourself.

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