Top Calculator for the PSAT 10 Math Test: Quick Review

Top Calculator for the PSAT 10 Math Test: Quick Review

Are you in 10th grade preparing for the PSAT test? Do you want to know the best calculator that will help you solve Math questions?

The Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test has laid down some standards which students sitting for the exams must follow.

The College Board has also approved some specific calculator guidelines for the PSAT 10.

Students are advised to have their calculators while coming for the exam. However, ensure you’re familiar with your calculators before the exam day and use either scientific calculators, four-function calculators, or graphing calculators.

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Some PSAT math questions need a calculator while others do not require a calculator. So it’s advisable to get your calculator ready. You might be wondering which one is the best among all the approved calculators.

In this article, we will do a quick review of the top calculator for the PSAT 10. So let’s get started!

List of Top Calculators for PSAT10


  • FX 6000 series
  • FX6500 series
  • FX 7300 series
  • FX7700 series
  • FX8700 series  



  • It features a two-line display
  • Support algebra, complex number calculations, and calculus
  • Graphing calculator with icon-based menu
  • easy to calculate the dependent and independent value
  • Can solve graphing X, intercept, and intersection  
  • Made with Plastic material
  • Not durable  

Hewlett- Packard

  • HP-9G
  • HP-28
  • HP-39
  • HP-40
  • HP-prime



  • Has over 100+ built functional together with 10bll which Meares it comfortable for students
  • Minimal keystrokes but diverse functions
  • Permitted for SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, and College Board AP tests
  • Adjustable contrast
  • Low-quality design


  • OS-991 ES plus
  • OS-82 MS plus
  • OS-280 plus



  • Standard scientific calculator with graphing functions
  • 2-line large display
  • 401 functions for both basic calculations and complex number calculations
  • Protected with durable removable cover
  • Removable case with number chart
  • A dual power source (solar or battery)

Sharp calculator

  • EL-5,200
  • EL-9200
  • EL-9300
  • EL-9600



  • 640 functions
  • Can solve general math, trigonometry,  statistics,  algebra, geometry,  and pre-algebra
  • Drill modes and seven regression type
  • Write view display
  • PC simulator
  • Solar power source or battery
  • Medium Quality

Texas Instrument

  • TI-73
  • TI-84 plus
  • TI-80
  • TI-81
  • TI-82



  • High-quality graphing calculator made of metal
  • permitted for PSAT, SAT, and NMSQT
  • Can solve everything college algebra, business calculus, and statistics
  • Lightweight
  • Rechargeable
  • Price is high

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Top Calculator for the PSAT 10 by ranking

  1. The overall rate calculator for PSAT 10 are TI-84 Plus and TI-82 Plus
  2. Rated- CasioFX 7700 and CasioFX 6000 series
  3. The third-rated calculator is the HP-28
  4. HP39G and TI-84plus
  5. TI-82 Plus and EC-4037
  6. EC-4033 and EL-9200

List of banned calculators for PSAT

  1. Stylus
  2. Touchscreen
  3. Smartwatches
  4. TI-92
  5. Voyage 200
  6. Scanning calculator

Final Words

Preparing ahead of your NMSQT/PSAT is the best readiness decision to make before your exam day. Some questions require the use of a calculator for solving (but not all questions).

You are to answer 28 math questions but 11 questions only require a calculator.

You can rely on the best PSAT 10 calculator which is listed in this article.

They’re all easy to use and have great advantageous features compared to other calculators.

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