Overview of the AFOQT Mathematics Test

Overview of the AFOQT Mathematics Test

The Air Force Officer Qualifying Test is as known AFOQT, is a test for people looking to join the United States Air Force. The Air Force has identified AFOQT as a necessary step for incoming officers to prove that they have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their duties properly.

The AFOQT test consists of 470 multiple-choice questions that are given to test takers to complete the entire test in 3.5 hours. This test has 12 subtests, each of which meets one of the skills an elementary Air Force officer needs to use during training as well as in a professional environment.

The AFOQT subtests include:

  • Self-Description Inventory (40 minutes, 220 questions)
  • Verbal Analogies (8 minutes, 25 questions)
  • Hidden Figures (8 minutes, 15 questions) 
  • Arithmetic Reasoning (29 minutes, 25 questions)
  • Rotated Blocks (13 minutes, 15 questions) 
  • Word Knowledge (5 minutes, 25 questions)
  • General Science (10 minutes, 20 questions)
  • Math Knowledge (22 minutes, 25 questions)
  • Aviation Information (8 minutes, 20 questions)
  • Instrument Comprehension (6 minutes, 20 questions)
  • Table Reading (7 minutes, 40 questions)
  • Block Counting (3 minutes, 20 questions)

The two AFOQT math subtests include Arithmetic Reasoning and Mathematics Knowledge, and here we briefly review the contents of these two subtests.

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How is the structure of the Arithmetic Reasoning section of the AFOQT test?

This subtest primarily involves word problems that require multiple steps to solve. Test candidates must rely on their knowledge of geometry, percentages, proportions, ratios, mixtures, integers, and time distance. You must respond to 25 questions of the arithmetic within 29 minutes, which means that you will have a little over a minute to solve each question. Each question may have up to five possible answers. You should first understand the question well, then you can decide which of the answer options is correct.

Calculations are usually not difficult, but the main challenge is often in determining the types of calculations that need to be done. Scratch paper is provided, and the use of the calculator is not allowed. The Common formulas are listed in the test booklet, but memorizing those saves you time.

How is the structure of the Math Knowledge section of the AFOQT test?

This section covers the basics of mathematics including, algebra, geometry, and arithmetic. To solve the questions in this subtest, test takers must answer algebra-based word problems, as well as algebraic expressions, comprehend inequalities, systems of equations, exponentials and, absolute values.

You will have 25 minutes to complete 22 problems, so you will need to solve 1 to 2 problems per minute to complete this section on time, but the lack of traditional words will help you solve this problem. Like the Arithmetic Reasoning subtest, the scratch paper is provided for you, and you may not use the calculator. Common formulas are listed in the test booklet, but keeping them saves you time.

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Is the AFOQT Math test hard?

The AFOQT mathematics test is not a difficult task, but the point that challenges this test is that it somehow measures your IQ.

Can you use the calculator in the HSPT test?

NO, the use of the calculator is not allowed in the HSPT test.

How is the HSPT test scored?

All test takers who take the AFOQT test must score at least 15 in the Verbal section and 10 in the Quantitative section. For those who want to become a pilot, they must have a minimum score of 25 in the pilot, a score of 50 for the pilot-navigator, and 10 in navigation.

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