A Comprehensive Collection of Free AFOQT Math Practice Tests

A Comprehensive Collection of Free AFOQT Math Practice Tests

AFOQT (Air Force Officer Qualifying Test) is a computer-based test designed for those seeking entry into the United States Air Force.

You can take it only twice without a waiver in your lifetime and if you fail, you must wait 150 days and then take it again.

It contains 12 subsets and be grouped into five specific categories that measure your aptitudes in different areas.

The math section of the AFOQT test contains 25 questions and you must complete them in 22 minutes. In other words, you have limited time to complete each part so you must develop your test-taking abilities along with time management.

The Absolute Best Book to Ace the AFOQT Math Test

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This is not a very difficult test. But as it measures your IQ, it makes the test challenging.

All questions have 4 multiple choices and you are to decide which one is correct.

You are not allowed to use any type of calculator during the exam. Besides that, it does not list the basic formulas you must know for the exam.

Questions in the math section are focused on mathematical terms and principles and cover:

  • Geometry
  • Percentages
  • Ratios
  • Integers
  • Proportions
  • Mixtures
  • Time Distance

The exam has no penalty for wrong answers and you get points only for the number of correct answers. Therefore, you can guess and answer the questions but do not leave them empty.

How to Prepare for the AFOQT Math Test?

First, you must enhance your information to know exactly what is tested on the exam. Then, you must practice since it is the best way to pass the exam.

Whatever you should do is make a schedule according to your abilities and speed of learning. The flexibility of your schedule helps you to study without feeling tired.

Then, you can maximize your study time gradually which is essential to master all math topics. You can easily learn all helpful formulas by solving exercise questions and taking several practice tests. These practices require spending more time. 

There are numerous exercise books, workbooks, study guides, online practice tests, and video tutors on the AFOQT Math Test. So, it is important to focus on finding the best resource to help you learn more about the exam.

Another important skill that you need on the test day is time management. You have less than 1 minute for each question so the speed of solving them correctly has a key role in success.

Studying and practicing sufficiently improve your confidence which is important to eliminate stress and exam anxiety. There is no time to get confused and waste the time. It is possible only by practicing! That is why the list of these great websites is offered.

Best Websites for AFOQT Math Practice Tests

  • EfforthlessMath

Whatever you must know about the math section of the AFOQT Math Test is provided on this website. It guides you to know what to do before and during the test day.

It is a perfect resource to have access to helpful study guides that teaches tips and tricks to study effectively.

You can also use the advantage of several video lessons about some mathematical points. Free practice tests and worksheets are other helpful tools that you can use to master the topics.

The most important part of the website is that you can find perfect books for exercising and practicing. All these great features are to help you pass the exam the first time.

  • AFOQT practice test

On this website, you get access to online quizzes which is important to measure your readiness and preparation. It helps you to develop your math knowledge and get acquainted with solutions to different questions.

The most important point is that the questions are in multiple-choice format with a time limit to answer each one. It is designed in a way that helps you manage your time and answer quickly yet correctly.

  • Test-guide

After studying thoroughly, you need to practice and evaluate your math knowledge. This website is exactly what you need to practice and enhance your information about the type of questions you may see on the actual test. It is designed to help you learn, practice, and take the real test confidently.

  • Crackasvab

The main purpose of this website is to provide you with several free practice tests not also on math subjects but also for all the topics tested on the AFOQT test. That way, you get familiar with the format and type of questions and assess whether you master all the essential topics or need more time to study. Besides that, there is a brief yet helpful description of the test’s math section.

  • AFOQTguide

What is better than practicing and mastering the AFOQT Mathematical Concepts? This website offers some free practice tests that replicate the actual exam.

Each test contains 20 questions and you must answer in a limited time. In the end, you will see the answers so you can evaluate your performance and learn the solutions if you answer incorrectly.

  • Militaryflighttests

This website is a reliable resource to get necessary information about the AFOQT Test and its several sections in total. It provides several quizzes in the math section with a time limit to help you increase the speed of solving questions.

Moreover, you assess the difficulty level of questions you will face on a test day. These quizzes are good to develop your performance and take the test with less frustration and anxiety.

  • AFOQTtest

It is one of the best websites that offers several free practice tests about math and other concepts of the AFOQT Test. Doing them is helpful if you need to measure your math knowledge and find out whether you have adequate practice or need extra exercises and practice.

Another benefit of these tests is that they are timed so that you learn how to manage time and develop problem-solving speed.

  • Study

There is useful information about the AFOQT Test to know what exactly is on the test and how to perform better. In addition, it guides you to learn essential materials that cause take the exam with more preparation.

You can find great free math practice tests that are the most helpful part of learning. All these features will lead you to gain a perfect score. That is why it is worth trying.

  • Trivium test prep

This comprehensive website covers all topics required for the AFOQT Test. It offers great practice tests for each topic individually. The math section contains 24 questions that you can answer and develop your mathematical knowledge. These practice tests are aiming to make you proficient in math topics.

Best AFOQT Math Prep Resource

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Free AFOQT Math Practice Tests

10 Best AFOQT Math Books

  1. AFOQT Math for Beginners 2022 is a great learning tool for you to practice with easy-to-understand materials. With the help of its test-taking strategies, you will learn how to overcome challenging math questions and get better results. This book contains several chapters that are split up into some small subsets. Each one begins with a comprehensive, detailed review and then followed by some examples that have step-by-step solutions. Then you are given some practice tests at the end of each chapter with an answer key. Use the benefit of 2 full-length math practice tests of it that is useful to evaluate your understanding.
  2. One of the books that you have to study is 5 Full-Length AFOQT Math Practice Tests after learning all the mathematical concepts. There are 5 realistic math practice tests, with the same style, content, and difficulty level questions as those you will see on the actual AFOQT Math Test. The benefit of this book is that you will understand your math level and progress. All of them come with answer explanations so that you find out the solutions to incorrect answers you made.
  3. AFOQT Math Exercise Book begins with helpful guidance to study more effectively and get a desirable result. You can find perfect test-taking strategies and tips to solve challenging questions. The material of this book covers all mathematical concepts and provides several exercise questions for each of them. Its objective is to strengthen your math skill by solving different questions and learning the solutions.
  4. The 5 AFOQT Math Practice Tests are designed by math instructors and field experts according to the content and format of the actual math exam so it is a reliable resource for study. The book helps you to measure your performance and find out whether your study is effective or if you need extra practice. You can check out your answers with the answer key section to learn from the mistakes you made. Do not miss this book if you need to get familiar with the real AFOQT Math Test.
  5. You will Have access to numerous exercise questions with AFOQT Math Practice Workbook. It covers all concepts you are required to know for the AFOQT Math Test. This workbook is specifically good to practice and mastering mathematical concepts. The benefit is that along with plenty of these questions, you will learn helpful tips and strategies to develop your test-taking skill. In other words, the more questions you solve, the better you learn the solutions and formulas.
  6. AFOQT Math Full Study Guide is a proper resource if you need to learn, practice, and then take the full-length practice tests. It contains 13 comprehensive units that cover all the mathematical concepts you must know to get a perfect result. They begin with a brief note and examples to prepare you to do the activities. In addition, you can use the advantage of those 2 realistic math practice tests to get acquainted with questions you will see on the test day.
  7. There is helpful practice and guidance inside the pages of AFOQT Math Test Prep. It is a reliable resource to develop your test-taking skill through its helpful strategies and tricks. Whatever you must learn for the AFOQT Math Test is packed into 13 chapters. First, you can study the explanation and examples and then do the activities. After completing your studies, you have this chance to take 2 full-length math practice tests that come with the answer explanation. What is better than studying a book with all these great features?
  8. AFOQT Math Tutor is the best self-study for you to master all essential materials for the AFOQT Math Test. You will learn how to study effectively and manage your time. Moreover, you can find some great strategies and tricks to enhance your performance and math knowledge. All materials are explained thoroughly via hints and examples. Then you can solve plenty of questions and prepare to take 2 full-length practice tests at the end of the book.  Use its benefit to score higher on the actual exam!
  9. The Prepare for the AFOQT Math Test in 7 Days is a great learning resource to prepare quickly yet proficiently. All you must know is packed inside the chapters of the book. They contain a step-by-step guide and examples so that you learn the solution to any type of question. Each chapter is completed with exercise questions and answers key. They are useful to be ready to take the book’s full-length practice test. So, get familiar with questions and find out your strength and weakness.
  10. Study the test-taking strategies that the AFOQT Math Study Guide offers to overcome your exam anxiety and raise the number of correct answers. You have access to helpful reviews and examples for each topic and then you can do the activities. Additionally, it provides 2 full-length AFOQT Math practice tests so that you can experience the test day condition. This is a helpful tool to evaluate your performance and find out the most challenging topics.

By using the benefit of each one of these books, you can get a higher score.

Best AFOQT Math Prep Resource

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