HiSET Math – Test Day Tips

HiSET Math – Test Day Tips

Although this is often scary for many people, mathematics is included in HiSET for a very important reason. Just like any other subject on HiSET, your math skills will be a key component of your success in academia and the professional world.

Most universities offer at least one math course as part of their general education requirements at almost any level you think you can pursue. Also, some degree programs are highly mathematical – such as engineering or pre-medical. If any of these job options are of interest to you, you should know about math. Even if you do not intend to go into a field where mathematics is strictly used, there are still some basic elements to take with you to HiSET that go beyond what can be found in a 12th-grade math course.

Once you have practiced, studied, and researched the concepts of HiSET math and then taken the HiSET math practice test, you will be fully prepared for test day. Here are some important tips for the day of the test.

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The Night Before the Test


The day before the test, you can briefly review the information or skip reading altogether. Some studies have shown that studying one day before a big test works against you. This is a marathon, you do not go out and run the night before, and you relax and prepare your body. You are in a marathon and should not study for more than 24 hours before the HiSET test. The bottom line is that your brain needs a chance to rest to reach its peak. Why not spend the previous evening with family and friends, music or other relaxing activities.

Breathe deep and easily

Deep breathing is a simple method that allows you to reduce stress quickly and easily. Close your eyes easily, relax your body, think peacefully, and breathe slowly through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Repeat this until you feel relaxed. This method works well while studying and is very useful just before the actual exam.

Laugh out loud

Laughing has many benefits to help you relax. Some short-term benefits include stimulating potential organs, activating and relieving the stress response, and relieving tension. Also, laughter has been shown to provide long-term benefits such as improving your immune system, relieving pain, and increasing your satisfaction.

If you have trouble laughing out loud and alone, you might be able to watch a comedy, or go online and read funny articles. Even simple things like watching some movies on YouTube almost guarantee a loud bang.

Eat healthy foods

Everything you choose for dinner should be food and be sure to drink plenty of water. Just like when preparing for a marathon, make sure you eat plenty of carbohydrates like rice, potatoes, and pasta – don’t forget vegetables and protein-rich foods.

Pack your bag for test day

The night before, make sure you pack your stationery, acceptance card, ID, and other items you may need. After packing, place your bag right at the front door. Do not try to collect everything in the morning, you may run out of time.

Map out your route the night before

The night before, check your exam location and time again and determine when you should leave your place to get to the site early.  This work also allows you to do some relaxation.

Set your alarms

Keep in mind that if you generally run late in the morning, set your alarms a few minutes earlier. Allows you to have extra buffer time so you don’t feel in a hurry.

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On Test Day!

Wake up your mind and body

It is very important that in the morning you have to focus on waking up your mind and body to be wholeheartedly ready for a long experiment. Get ready to pass your exam by listening to music, repeating positive affirmations, and calming yourself with focused breathing.

Eat a smart breakfast

Even if you are not a breakfast person, it is essential to eat breakfast before a long test. By the way, this is not just another day at school. Your breakfast should contain the necessary vitamins as well as maintain your energy and satiety. If you think you need it later, you should bring a snack with you.

Warm-up your brain

As you eat breakfast and get ready in the morning, try to read something small and short. The pre-test reading style is the same as the pre-workout stretch result. You are about to exercise your brain so you need to warm it up to get the best performance.

Wear appropriate attire

When getting dressed, think about the exam room and the surroundings over the weather. Even if it is 90 degrees outside, think about what the test environment will be like. It will most likely be air conditioning and you will be there for hours, so make sure you get dressed prepared to stay ready at the right temperature.

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During the Test!

Focus on the entrance and relax

When you enter your test center and test room, you will have some time to save before the test begins. Instead of psyching yourself out, get comfortable with your surroundings, turn off your cell phone, stretch out your arms and legs and prepare for the test.

For a paper delivery test, put your answers in the appropriate bubbles

For a paper delivery test, put your answers in the appropriate bubbles. Sounds obvious, but be sure to fill it out. In the answer bubble that corresponds to the question you answer. A significant number of candidates fill the test. In a bubble without checking that this number corresponds to the questions, they are answering.

Breathe in and out!

If you think your mind is wandering, your stress is increasing and you are frustrated, it is time to rest for a few seconds to get back on track. Take a deep breath, let your shoulders relax, and close your eyes. This will help you to be more productive when you clear your mind and relax.

Skip the questions you find extremely difficult

Instead of trying to answer these questions on the first test, leave them blank. When answering the rest of the exam year, pay attention to the time and try to finish with 10 or 15 minutes left so that you can return to the questions you left blank. Even if you do not know the answer the second time you read the questions, see if you can limit the possible answers and then guess.

Read all possible answers before choosing

Then read the question again to make sure the answer you choose is the answer to the question. Remember, a question that includes a phrase such as “Which of the following is NOT” requires an answer to a question that is not a correct statement or conclusion.

Check your answers

If you have extra time left at the end of the test, take a look at each question and make sure you answer it as you wish.

Do not worry about your score while taking the exam

You are not expected to respond to all the questions. If you have a minimum passing score on any of the HiSET subtests, as well as a cumulative HiSET score as well as other state requirements, the state will issue your high school equivalency certification or diploma.

After the Test!

It does not make sense to ask yourself about the answer or increase your stress level. The experiment is over and it’s time to relax. There is nothing you can do about an answer that bothers you there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. It’s your best time to find something that will make you happy and find something you enjoy doing for the rest of the day.

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