TABE Math-Test Day Tips

TABE Math-Test Day Tips

The TABE or Test of Adult Basic Education is one of the most complex standardized tests issued in Texas. The overall purpose of this test is to measure the number of adults seeking to study in the academic and workplace environment. The TABE test consists of three sections: Reading, Math, and Language.

The TABE test has two mathematics parts, Math Computation and Applied Math, which allow the use of calculators in applied mathematics. The TABE math includes 40 questions and 24 minutes. The TABE math does not assess computational skills. In this test what solution you use to solve the problem and how you do it is matters.

When you practice, you study and research the concepts of TABE math, and then take the TABE math practice test, you will be fully prepared for the test day. Here are several important tips to help you on your test day.

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The Night before the Test!

Eat something healthy

Make a special effort to cook a meal that is right for you. Foods that you can eat if you are celebrating and want to spoil yourself, such as steaks and chocolate tarts. It makes you feel happy and strengthens you for the next day.

Map out your route

If you have never been to a test location before, search it online and choose your route. Be sure to set aside time for traffic. Unexpected delays may appear every day, adjust your time so you can get to the test site with 20 minutes more time.

Get together everything you’ll need for the test

Preparation is the key to success – and it is also the key to ridiculously stressful test morning. Be sure to get all the materials you need for your test the night before. Get your backpack with everything you need for your test. Gathering the necessary items from the day before will make you less stressed on the morning of your exam, especially if you are prone to pressing the snooze button several times!

Drink enough water

When you are stressed, drinking water (especially if you drink a lot of coffee) is easily forgotten. Dehydration reduces consciousness and impairs concentration. Keep a bottle of water behind your desk to remind you to drink it regularly. Shorten this as you approach bedtime to reduce the chance of getting up in the middle of the night.

Avoid caffeine before your exam

Caffeine early in the day can improve concentration and productivity if you are in the habit (exam day is not a test time, as it may make you nervous and jittery). Just one cup of coffee at night can make it difficult for you to sleep, reduce the total time spent sleeping and affect your ability to reach the deep stages of sleep.

Don’t pull an all-night-ever

If you only do one thing, it is: Get enough sleep the night before the exam. Sleep, especially deep sleep, is very important for memory formation. During sleep, new connections are made between brain cells and create memories of your day. To achieve the desired number of deep memory-boosting sleep cycles, aim for eight full hours before the big day. Practice a good night’s rest after a hard day of learning and study, as it helps your brain retain as much information as possible.

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On Test Day!

Eat a power breakfast

A pleasant breakfast can have enough energy for your experiment. To be successful in a test, we can see that eating a full breakfast is essential to feeling energized on the day of the test and thus getting the desired score. The best brain foods to eat before the test include:

  • Whole grains (granola, oatmeal, quinoa, muffins)
  • Fresh fruit (apples, bananas, pears)
  • Fresh vegetables (carrots, broccoli, celery)

Even if you are nervous about your test, do not skip breakfast! If you do not eat at all, you will feel worse and have less energy.

Dress in layers

The temperature in the test rooms of the center is often cited as a source of distraction for the test-takers. If you are very hot or very cold, you may have difficulty concentrating. To help control the temperature wear layers, if you’re warm peel down to a t-shirt or add a sweatshirt if you’re cold.

Confirm you’ve got everything you need

You should have gathered all your material the day before the test, but we recommend that you check again before leaving that you will not forget anything important.

Go to the bathroom

Although this may seem obvious, make sure you use the bathroom before going to school or taking an exam. This will reduce your chances of finding a restroom in the school/examination center and using the toilet during the test.

During the Test!

Stay calm

Most importantly, take this short time before your test to calm your nerves and reduce your anxiety. Yes, you are trying. Yes, it would probably be a little scary. Yes, you may not be fully prepared for it. But you can do it.

To help you relax, take a few deep breaths as you sit at your desk. In particular, focus on deep breathing. This method is known for relieving anxiety and feeling more relaxed. Don’t think about everything you read about it – just focus on feeling confident and relaxed. If possible, stretch your arms and legs slightly. This will help prepare your body for the upcoming immobility and keep your blood flowing.

Be positive and do your best

Part of doing well in tests is having the confidence that you can do it. So take a moment and remind yourself that you will do your best in this test and I hope you get the score you want.

Manage your time effectively 

If you get stuck on a particular question, do not stop. Leave it and come back to it later in the test. Remember that there is a set time for each section, so do not spend too much time in each area.

Read the question carefully

Make sure you understand what is asked. We recommend that you read each question twice, especially at the beginning of the test when you are probably in a hurry and running with adrenaline.

There are no trick questions on a TABE

The exam does not try to trick you. Do not be tempted to second-guess your answers.

Mark the exam in the right place

Make sure you mark the exam in the right place – and if you circling an answer, do so clearly. If you find that you have answered too many questions in the wrong place, tell your examiner immediately.

Use your initiative

If you are unsure of the answer to the question, you can work intuitively or deductively. If you work intuitively, go ahead with your first thought. This is often true because it comes from the subconscious. If none of the answers leave the page, work deductively. Underline any answer you know is wrong and make your best guess.

After the exam!

Do something fun and relaxing

Once you have passed your test, try not to talk about how to do it. Even if you feel you have performed poorly, it is beyond your control now. Reward yourself for your hard work by doing something you enjoy, such as exercising, hanging out with friends, or watching your favorite TV show.

Review your test for mistakes

When receiving your exam paperback, do not focus too much on the grade you received, but look where you went wrong to determine your strengths and weaknesses. If you have difficulty presenting reasoning or recalling factual material, professors often comment on the answers to the questions in the article. If you do not know why the answer was wrong or how to solve the problem properly, ask your coach.

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