A Comprehensive Collection of Free HiSET Practice Tests

A Comprehensive Collection of Free HiSET Practice Tests

HiSET stands for High School Equivalency Test which gives you the credentials for your career or college. Passing the exam indicates that you achieve a level of academic accomplishment and have adequate skills and knowledge that are equivalent to graduating from high school. Students mainly take the exam on a computer, but they have the opportunity to take a paper version as well.

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The math section of the test includes 50 questions and all of them are in multiple-choice format. You have 90 minutes to solve the questions.

In addition, you are provided with a formula sheet during the test time that contains some of the formulas you will know. Therefore, you have to focus just on applying the correct formula instead of memorizing them.

You are allowed to use a calculator in the Math section and it is another great feature of this exam so that you can save time with the help of it.

Do not worry if you fail the HiSET exam, because you can retake it. Each state may have its policies for retaking the exam but you can take it approximately up to three times per calendar year.

The questions are grouped into one of these 4 mathematical categories:

  • Numbers and Operations on Numbers
  • Data Analysis, Statistics, Probability
  • Geometry, Measurement
  •  Algebra Concepts

How to Prepare for the HiSET Math Test?

  • Study with the Perfect Source: Looking for and finding the best study source is always challenging. Whatever you need is a reliable, thorough, and up-to-date source that helps you master the essential subjects. There are numerous books, courses, and websites that cover the mathematical section of the HiSET and it is up to you to choose the perfect one.
  • Use Smart Test-Taking Strategies: You have to try different ways to solve the questions. Sometimes you can skip difficult questions and come back to them later. It is very important to view questions and change your answers if needed. You should be able to make the best decision quickly without wasting time.
  • Take the HiSET Practice Test: One thing that you need to master the math concepts is to practice as much as you can. That way, you will understand the exam platform and how to overcome the challenging questions. It also aims to enhance your confidence and enables you to answer more questions correctly without confusion.
  • Manage Your Time: As this exam is timed, you have to be careful about using your time wisely. You may spend more time on some questions while the rest may be easier to answer. The goal is that you do not face lacking time and it is possible by practicing and mastering all topics to answer the questions more quickly. 

Best HiSET Math Prep Resource

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8 Best Websites for HiSET Math Practice Tests

  • Efforthlessmath.com

Effortless Math website provides you with specific information about math and different type of exams including HiSET. Numerous helpful books cover all mathematical sections of the HiSET and offer some full-length math practice tests.

Besides that, you can access the formula sheets and free math practice tests that are essential to be successful on the exam. If you need professional field tutors, you can use those that the website offers. It also helps you with some great video lessons to strengthen your math skills.

  • Hisetpracticetest.org

It is one of the useful websites that help students with free math practice tests. Its goal is that you gain enough test-taking skills and get familiar with the HiSET platform and content. You are facing the most up-to-date, high-quality tests with this website, as well.

It is arranged by some subsets that are the different parts of the exam. All these sections are explained thoroughly so that you are well informed on how to solve the questions of each part. 

  • Essentialed.com

There are plenty of free math and other subject practice tests that aim to prepare you for the exam with similar questions to those you may see on the actual HiSET. You can enhance your information about the exam with the help of its comprehensive exam description.

It dedicates a section to answering the test-taker’s questions about the exam. So, you can follow the information on this website as it is reliable and up-to-date.

  • Test-guide.com

Whatever test-takers need can be accessible on this comprehensive website. It offers some sample questions for each one of the math topics. You will also have access to its free math practice tests that indicates the form of the questions.

In addition, there are some online courses for those who have more trouble with math. By using this website, you can work on the weak areas and reach the level of the real test.

  • Uniontestprep.com

You have this opportunity to have access to free practice tests that reflect the exact content and platform of the actual HiSET. There are some useful flashcards to practice difficult math concepts and master them.

Besides that, you can develop your information about the exam with the help of its comprehensive study guide. This website covers all the subjects that are tested on the exam so which enables you to practice and take the exam successfully.

  • 4tests.com

This website is worth introducing as it offers plenty of questions for all mathematical concepts that you must know to pass the HiSET. It facilitates the way of having access to professional tutorials that help you to enhance your math skill.

There are also great books that are filled with exercise questions and practice tests. It dedicates a part to the exam description and gives you the latest information about the exam and guides you to get a desirable result on the exam.

  • Mometrix.com

It is another great website that is filled with free math practice tests that every student needs to get familiar with the exam form and content. As it is very important that you have reliable information about the exam, the website provides a thorough explanation of the exam.

Additionally, you will have access to flashcards and online courses to help you in different ways to take the exam confidently. These great features impact your score directly so it is worth using.

  • Varsitytutors.com

It is the last website you get familiar with to work on the math section of the HiSET. You are provided with several practice tests that indicate the platform and content of the real exam. The goal is that you practice over and over to master the topics and take the exam with preparation.

It is filled with helpful materials about all subsets of the HiSET. Besides that, there are useful test preps that give you the chance to strengthen the weak areas, as well.

Free HiSET Math Practice Tests

Free HiSET Math Practice Tests 1

Free HiSET Math Practice Tests 2

Free HiSET Math Practice Tests 3

Free HiSET Math Practice Tests 4

Free HiSET Math Practice Tests 5

Free HiSET Math Practice Tests 6

Free HiSET Math Practice Tests 7

Free HiSET Math Practice Tests 8

Free HiSET Math Practice Tests 9

Free HiSET Math Practice Tests 10

Free HiSET Math Practice Tests 11

10 Best HiSET Math Books

  1. The easy-to-follow HiSET Math for Beginners is proper for students who want to study the basic concepts and master them. You will have access to its study guide which offers valuable test-taking strategies to enhance your performance. All topics contain reviews and examples so that you learn the solutions and formulas completely. Doing the sample questions enable you to take the book’s 2 full-length practice tests. This is a good way to measure your math knowledge and progress.
  2. The helpful HiSET Math Exercise Book is filled with hundreds of sample questions for each topic. Before doing the exercises, you can study the notes that explain everything in detail or follow the examples that come with step-by-step solutions. The book also contains 2 full-length HiSET math practice tests that allow you to apply whatever you have learned. Then, you can check out the answers and evaluate your progress. These perfect features of the book enable you to take the exam successfully without any anxiety.
  3. By studying the HiSET Math Full-Study Guide, you will gain enough math knowledge and get ready to solve questions of any type. All topics are explained thoroughly with reviews and examples. That way, you learn how to use the formulas and answer correctly. After that, you can do the exercises and apply your knowledge. You can take the book’s math practice tests when you complete studying and master the topics. This is a great way to assess your preparation and progress.
  4. The HiSET Math in 30 Days is the best choice for those who have to prepare in a short period. The book begins with some must-to-know strategies to develop your performance that are worth studying. First, you are given hints and examples to learn the concepts thoroughly, and then you can do the exercises that come with answer keys. Besides that, 2 realistic HiSET math practice tests familiarize you with the exam style and content.
  5. Choosing the HiSET Math Practice Workbook as a resource of study will prepare you to take the exam and get the best result. First of all, you have to study every detail of the strategies and tips as they guide you to have a better performance. Then, it provides you with hundreds of exercise questions that cover the HiSET mathematical concepts. You can also evaluate your knowledge with the help of the book’s practice tests.
  6. The HiSET Math Study Guide is another valuable book that offers helpful test-taking strategies to boost your performance. Some useful reviews and examples aim to explain the materials step by step. These sections prepare you to solve the sample questions that the book offers. Those full-length math practice tests that you can find in the book can familiarize you with the form and content of the actual HiSET. So, do not miss them if you want to pass with a higher score!
  7. If you need to evaluate your progress, the 5 Full-Length HiSET Math Practice Tests are exactly what you are looking for. Use the benefit of these tests to get acquainted with the exam form and content. That way, you will not get anxious about unfamiliar questions. Taking high-quality practice tests before the exam will lead to learning time management and boosting confidence. It is worth studying so do not miss this precious book.
  8. Another best self-study book is the HiSET Math Tutor. It provides you with tips and test-taking strategies that show you the most useful ways to overcome any type of question. There are helpful reviews and examples for each subset so that you get the lessons and be able to do the sample questions. These parts enable you to solve the questions of the book’s math practice tests. The role of these tests is to test out your progress and performance.
  9. You can take the advantage of the HiSET Math Test Prep as it is filled with numerous examples and questions. The book contains strategies and techniques to strengthen your test-taking skills and your mathematical knowledge. You are well-prepared to take the practice tests with the help of the hints and examples. In other words, first, you learn the formulas and then practice applying them correctly.
  10. The Comprehensive Math Workbook for the HiSET Test provides you with countless questions that cover all the essential concepts you have to know for the HiSET. All of these exercises contain answer keys so that you can find out which part is more challenging and which part is more comfortable. 2 full-length math practice tests indicate the form and content of actual HiSET. Take them if you want to pass the exam confidently and strongly.

The goal of all these books is to deepen your math knowledge and prepare you to pass the exam the first time you take it. Therefore, studying each one of them can draw you one step nearer to a high score.

The Best Books to Ace the HiSET Math Test

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