How to Write a Good Mathematics Dissertation on a Top Mark?

How to Write a Good Mathematics Dissertation on a Top Mark?

Writing a good mathematics dissertation takes months of preparation, research, and implementation. The task isn’t over just by completing the research, as it is equally important to submit findings and research in well-written sentences that are clear to understand and apply. 

To write a dissertation worthy of top marks, it’s important to perfect both research and its textual delivery. Here are a few tips for writing the best possible mathematics dissertation and getting top marks. 

Structure it correctly

A good mathematics dissertation is dictated by the quality of its skeleton or structure. Before starting your dissertation, planning your approach and implementing the appropriate style of writing is important. Structuring your dissertation will take some time, and referring to other published mathematical dissertations can help build a good structure. 

As for style, the differentiating factor of mathematical dissertations is its heavy use of symbols and logical statements. The formal exposition includes the hypothesis, arguments backed by previous research, definitions, and research questions. Informal exposition comes next, providing detail into the reason behind the research questions and hypothesis, the purpose of the study, and other explanatory details. 

Having a clear knowledge of each of these will determine the quality of the dissertation. So you must learn about the styles and structuring formats before you start with your dissertation. 

Seek help with dissertation writing

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Using the right terminology

To deliver the research findings and all that is associated with the research in clear sentences, it is important to use the right terminology throughout the paper. 

The use of symbols and the placement of definitions, theorems, and equations in the correct place is important for the reader to acquire the required information before it is used to reason an argument. By using non-standardized symbols and notations, you risk confusing the readers and breaking their connection with the paper. 

Similarly, by using terms without prior explanation, readers will remain confused and unaware of the meaning of the term until they come across its definition and meaning. As the writer, it becomes your responsibility to deliver a dissertation that has a logical and seamless flow.

Making logical statements

Mathematical dissertations are dictated by clear, logical statements without which they fail to meet the needs of an ideal dissertation. As the author, you must regulate every statement and make arguments and statements with ample research backing them. Without any evidence, no arguments can be made in a dissertation. 

Apply logical constructs is all the more important in mathematical dissertations due to the heavy reliance on logic in mathematics. Points must logically follow one another and supporting statements and arguments must be made after every topic sentence. 

Mentioning sources, just like other academic papers, is important and must be mentioned wherever necessary. If your dissertation is published, it can even help you secure scholarships for future studies, so you must give your research enough time to perfect it.

Review and comparison

Once you have completed your mathematical dissertation, the next step is to review it multiple times. You must read it twice after it is completed and read it once again after 24 hours. The first two readings will remove any obvious errors and the third reading will remove any visible errors that you missed before. 

During these three readings, it is also important to look for coherence and ensure each statement is backed by logical reasoning. Finally, you must have another person, preferably a trained professional or mentor read through it for objective feedback. Make changes accordingly and have it reviewed once again. 

Compare your paper to other research papers and check for any structural inconsistencies. If everything seems correct, you can submit it for evaluation. By running your dissertation through multiple checks and reviews, you can make sure you have written a clear, consistent, and logical dissertation that is worthy of getting top marks. 


These tips can help anyone write a great mathematics dissertation. Research takes a lot of time to conduct and by delivering the findings in a clear, crisp, and well-structured dissertation, the time and effort of the research will be well rewarded. Take time in writing the dissertation, follow structures and you’ll be able to submit a dissertation worthy of great marks.  

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