Best Calculators for CA Exams

Best Calculators for CA Exams

The CA exam is one of the toughest exams in India. Known as The Institute of Chartered Accountants Indian exam (ICAI).

The exam is conducted by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, a National Institution that distributes certifications to professionals in India.

The CA exam is made up of extensive calculations for subjects light Taxation, accountancy, and financial management. Therefore, it is essential to have a reliable calculator to complete all of the problems accurately.

When searching for a great calculator, it’s best to consider the price, quality, and features. Of course, you want something inexpensive, and honestly, for the AC exams, the calculator doesn’t have to be too fancy. But it still has to be a good calculator.

Price is important because no one wants to spend an arm and a leg on a calculator. Although if you are studying for an AC exam, most likely you want to be an accountant in India. So, you will need a calculator. It doesn’t have to be the fanciest—more of a solid in-between.

To determine the best calculator, look at the reviews and read up on the product’s credibility. All information can be found on the website on

The quality is important because you don’t want the calculator to break down on you. You’re spending money on something. Then it has to be of good quality. Believe it or not, durability and quality go hand-in-hand, so it’s best to get the most use out of the product for as long as possible.

Features most likely if you’re taking the CA exam, the calculator does not need to solve extensive complex calculations. So, the features won’t be extra astronomical. Instead, the little things matter like LED light display, organized keyboard, and dual-screen.

All of these features can help to enhance your calculating experience. Here are the best calculators for the CA exams!

Casio DJ-120D Business Desktop Calculator with Check & Correct

With the reliable Casio DJ-120D, you can quickly type out all of your work with little to no mistakes. The measurements of this calculator are 7.5 x 1.38 x 5.55.

Check and correct up to 150 calculations with this desktop calculator. The DJ-120D business desktop calculator is extremely affordable and has a solid build that will last a long time.

The calculator takes 1 LR44 battery and is solar-powered as well.

The width is 80 mm, and the height is 161 mm. This calculator is lightweight and efficient.


  • Easy to use lightweight
  • large display
  • Cheap


  • Not applicable

Casio Inc. JF-100BM Standard Function Calculator

The JF-100BM is a standard function calculator that comes in multiple different colors.

The solid white design allows for a clean and visible display. The brand model is RA3461.

See all of the input calculations clearly with the large display. The calculator includes independent memory. The JF-100BM takes 1 LR44 battery and is also solar-powered.

This calculator is super lightweight, weighing only 5.5 Ounces. The JF-100BM matches perfectly with any office or study surface.


  • Neat design
  •  independent memory
  • Works really well


  • Not applicable

Casio DV-220, Business Desk Calculator

This calculator is perfect for anyone about to embark on the CA exam.

The Casio DV-220 has a dual screen allowing you to see all of your calculations. Features an up and down button to scroll freely.

With a neatly crafted keyboard layout of all the numbers and symbols, you need to solve problems.

The affordable black-and-white calculator is great for calculating tax and exchange rates, so it’s perfect for the CA exam. 

The DV-220 has an LED display for the full presentation to see all of your calculations.

The brand model is RA3450, takes 1 LR44 battery, and is also solar-powered. Save money on batteries—cut-down time on calculations with this business desk calculator.


  • Clear keyboard layout
  •  Full LED screen
  •  Very affordable
  • Can calculate tax and exchange rates easily


  • Not applicable

Comix Desktop Calculator

The White Comix Desktop calculator is solar and battery-powered. This well-crafted thick calculator has a simplistic yet aesthetically pleasing keyboard layout.

The Comix desktop calculator has ample keyboard space and is the perfect calculator for the CA exams.

The large number display makes it easy to input calculations. Suitable for fast calculations, you will be able to cruise through problems quickly.

You also get a 12-bit bold font that makes it easy to see all the numbers.

The LED display is 30 degrees for full viewership of each calculation. The anti-slip features will secure the calculator on any surface


  • Anti-slip
  •  large screen and keyboards
  •  well-crafted design


  • Not applicable

Frequently asked question

What Calculators are allowed on the CA exams?

Scientific calculators are not allowed. Only basic desktop calculators with 12 digits and two memory features are allowed. For more information, review the recommendation above.

What’s the best calculator for tax calculations?

There is no required type for tax calculations. The best option is to choose one of the following above. As mentioned before, specifically in the pros, the Casio DV-220 Business Desk Calculator Is a suitable calculator for tax calculations because it has two tax buttons designed to solve those tax problems quickly. 

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