9 Best Math Websites for Teachers and Students

9 Best Math Websites for Teachers and Students

Ask most people about their school life, and they will tell you that Mathematics was one of their worst subjects. Yes, it is no secret that Mathematics is considered the least favorite subject by the majority of students. In turn, this negative attitude makes it even harder for Math teachers to give their best when teaching.

However, Mathematics is a very interesting subject to learn. And the key to making this subject exciting is to find alternate methods of teaching, other than using regular textbooks. This is where Math websites for teachers come in.

Math websites offer different, interesting ways of learning the subject. In addition to teaching Math, these websites also encourage students to love Mathematics and develop a positive attitude toward it. However, since there are so many Math websites that claim to offer the best methods, just how can you tell which ones are worth visiting?

The following are the nine Best Math Websites for Teachers worth considering:

1. EfforlessMath

EfforlessMath is an international education provider that focuses on helping students love math, as well as succeed in the subject.

The website provides math worksheets, study guides, math lessons, and practice tests, all for free! In addition, it features video lessons, which make the learning process simpler and more fun.

EfforlessMath is popular for the high-quality test preparation resources that it publishes. These study aids and resources are used in schools, libraries, classrooms, and districts.

The website has more than 100 test preparation mobile applications and over 3,000 publications; all of which have proved to be very effective resources for kids and teachers.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy’s website mainly targets kids. It is not just a math website; it also offers resources for other different subjects. The math section offers free video lessons and practice resources.

The website has a very user-friendly interface. You can easily browse for specific content by searching the grade and subject. The resources provided touch on different math subjects, such as statistics, algebra, and geometry, just to mention a few.

Also, the site offers over 5,000 math topics and 20,000 closed-captioned videos. These materials prove very effective when used to supplement in-class instruction.

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3. ByteLearn

ByteLearn is an AI-powered math assistant that guides students through problem-solving with step-by-step assistance and feedback similar to a teacher’s.

Teachers design practice assignments for their students and receive personalized insights into their student’s areas of weakness and misunderstandings.

Teachers and students can access massive Math Resources ranging from Worksheets, Practice Problems, Quizzes, and Unit Tests.

4. TES

TES is ranked as the largest online teaching community, registering over seven million users. The website offers users easy access to a wide range of resources, such as report templates and worksheets.

All these resources are first vetted and rated by educators, after which they are then submitted to the website.

In addition to the teaching materials, the TES website also compiles blog posts that provide useful tips for teachers. For example, the posts suggest different niche topics and lesson ideas; suggestions that help teachers learn how they can teach math effectively to students of different skill levels.

5. TeacherVision

TeacherVision is a math website specifically designed for kids up to grade 12. The numerous resources provided connect math with other subjects, such as geography, art, and history.

For example, TeacherVision consists of different activities that apply long multiplication and division to the Great Wall of China.

The website also provides measurement conversion tables and printable rulers that can be used by grade 12 students. Furthermore, once you register for an account, you can access effective TeacherVision lesson plans.

6. Math is Fun

Just like the name suggests, this website helps students learn math easily and enjoyably. It consists of resources that target students from kindergarten to grade 12.

And these resources cover a wide range of subject areas, helping teachers teach math more thoroughly and effectively.

In addition to the learning resources, Math is Fun also offers numerous puzzles, dictionaries, and worksheets; all of which make the subject fun and enjoyable to learn.

7. Math Playground

The Math Playground website offers more than 500 engaging math games. Also, the site consists of many logic puzzles and brain workouts that help students learn and master different concepts very easily.

More so, to make math a much more exciting subject, Math Playground also features different math videos and stories that explain difficult concepts in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.

8. Mathway

Mathway provides alternate solutions for different problems that students encounter while in class. All you need to do is simply enter a math query, then tap on the different tutorials to learn how to solve similar problems.

The website offers solutions to all sorts of problems, from graphing to trigonometry, algebra, and basic math.

9. Math TV

Videos are a fun way of teaching, and this best math website for teachers provides plenty of such videos.

The videos do more than just explain how to solve a range of math problems; they also explain the solutions in a simple, step-by-step manner. Therefore, students of different skill levels and learning abilities can benefit just as equally by using the videos.

Math TV is the best to use alongside your lesson plans. For example, after introducing a particular topic or math concept, you can play videos that cover relevant examples from the website. However, for you to be able to access the videos, you will be required to first register for an account.

Indeed, math can be a very interesting subject to teach. However, to make it more fun for your students, you need to apply more than just the regular teaching techniques that use a textbook.

The above-discussed 9 Best Math Websites for Teachers will help you make math interactive and fun, such that your students will love and crave the subject like never before!

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