Best Equipment for Online Math Tutoring

Best Equipment for Online Math Tutoring

Nowadays we have fantastic technology around us that allows you to provide live online tutoring to students from around the world. But what type of equipment is required for live online math tutoring?

I’m providing a list of the essential equipment you need to get up and quickly running so that you can focus on your students.

The Bare Minimum

The bare minimum equipment you need to get started with live online math tutoring is a good computer. It doesn’t matter if it’s a laptop or desktop computer.

However, a desktop computer will allow you to have a larger screen or multiple screens. You can then have your virtual classroom, lesson plan, and classroom resources readily available. 

If you like to use a desktop computer for teaching, the Apple iMac is a good choice for you.

It would be better if you had a high-speed internet connection because you will be streaming video.

A jittery video feed or video and audio that keep cutting out will not work for your students, and they will complain.

You may think that’s it, and you’re ready to go. But, unfortunately, the camera and microphone built into your computer will likely not work well enough to tutor your math students.

You want to provide the best experience possible so that your students continue to come back.

Quality Webcam

You’ll need a good quality webcam, so your students can see you clearly during your classes. It should be HD (1080p) and at least 30fps so that the video stream is smooth.

Suppose you want to move around during class and provide a better video experience to your students.

You can look for additional features for your webcam, including outstanding low-light performance, a wide field of view, autofocus, and face tracking. For many tutors, the Logitech BRIO Ultra HD has all these features.

Excellent Headphone and Microphone

Excellent communication with your students is crucial. They need the ability to hear you clearly so that they can focus on learning. If they keep asking you to repeat yourself, it will slow down the class and interrupt your teaching flow.

You also want to hear their questions clearly, so you can quickly clarify any points that they have trouble understanding.

A wireless headphone with a noise-canceling microphone will allow you to move freely and interact with your students, whether you’re at your desk, by a whiteboard, or anywhere else in the room. One of the best headphones for this purpose is the Jabra Evolve 75 UC.

Good Lighting

Even if you’ve opted to get a webcam with good low-light performance, you should still look at enhancing the lights in your teaching environment. Students being able to see you, your whiteboard, and any other teaching materials you have clearly, will improve the experience for the student.

To enhance the learning experience, you can set up a ring light on your webcam so that students can more clearly see your face and the teaching materials.

The added benefit of a ring light for teaching is that you can set yourself up anywhere without sacrificing your teaching environment. Neewer Ring Light is one of the best lighting fixtures for online teaching.

Ergonomic Office Chair

For more comfort in the online classroom, tutors should use an ergonomic office chair with adjustability.

Using a comfortable office chair helps keep your back and arms in a comfortable position during long hours of teaching and does not damage them.

Many office chairs on the market can be suitable for you, but we suggest you try the Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair because it is suitable in every way.

Magnetic Whiteboard

It is difficult to imagine a class without a whiteboard. A good whiteboard should be easy to clean and its surface is stain resistant.

It is also best to use a whiteboard that is magnetic and easy to install and carry. U Brands Contempo Magnetic has all the features mentioned.

If your time is limited, we have prepared a table for a quick view here so that you can briefly get acquainted with the best recommendations for the online math teaching equipment.

Best equipment for online teaching
Best webcam for online math teachingLogitech BRIO Ultra HDShop now
Best Headphone for online math teachingJabra Evolve 75 UC Shop now
Best microphone for online math teachingBlue Yeti Shop now
Best lighting for online math teachingNeewer Ring Light Shop now
Best laptop for online math teachingApple MacBook Pro Shop now
Best PC for online math teachingApple iMac  Shop now
Best office chair for online math teachingGabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair Shop now
Best whiteboard for online math teachingU Brands Contempo Magnetic Shop now
Best digital writing pad for online math teachingWacom Intuos Shop now
Best ergonomic mouse for online math teachingLogitech M510  Shop now
Best quiet keyboard for online math teachingApple Magic Keyboard Shop now

Final Thoughts

Live online math tutoring is a great way to help your current students or reach new students that need math tutoring.

The cost involved is minimal, and you may already have all the equipment you need to get started. However, this list should give you some thoughts on setting up an even better learning experience for your online math students.

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