Best equipment for online math teachers

Best equipment for online math teachers

Teaching math may be challenging, but it can also be more stressful to teach online. Effective math teaching requires effective equipment.

Since the pandemic, millions of people have worked online, and many students have taken virtual classes. They use a range of new products to keep up with the current change.

Online teaching math demands the use of equipment to ease the process of remotely teaching math, just as unique challenges require unique solutions.

Do your homework:

Before attempting something for the first time, it is best to research, research, and research. Finding the ideal tools or equipment for online math teaching may take some time and effort, but it will save you money and time in the long run.
So, to make your life a little easier, we have created a list of the Best equipment for online math teachers

1- Reliable internet connection:

When considering online teaching math, the first thing that comes to mind is an INTERNET CONNECTION.

You will spend the majority of your working time online, whether it is teaching, preparing material, uploading documents, or anything else; everything requires a good internet connection.

In general, 22–25 megabytes per second (Mbps) is enough speed, although it also depends on how many devices are connected to that Wi-Fi network.

The more gadgets that are connected, the leggier the connection will become.

Most internet companies offer unique discounts during the festivals; keep checking to see if you can get a decent bargain with high speed.

You may perform a speed test to check the current speed of your internet.

2- A Desktop/Laptop/tablet/smartphone:

The desktop or laptop is the second obvious thing for online teaching math. It is not only about making calls, but you have to save everything on your laptop or desktop.

It may include preparing, uploading, and downloading the documents for teaching math online. so a strong CPU and enough memory will be necessary to have.

If you are using some specific software to teach math online, make sure to check the minimum device requirements for that software before buying the device.

You may use a mobile phone or tablet to teach math online, but it may lag, slow down, or even heat up if used for an extended period of time. Keep your equipment and any software up to date to avoid problems while teaching math online. 

3- A quality headset:

“Can you hear what I am saying? A high-quality headset!

No, not the comedic cat set. I said, “A high-quality headset.”

Well, it is unlikely that you’ll have this type of talk, but you get the idea. You will need a good headset to teach math online and hear your students correctly.

If you don’t have a separate home office to teach math online, a noise-canceling microphone may be necessary to have.

It will ensure that your students hear you clearly and without distractions from your surrounding noise. You don’t have to buy the noise-canceling microphone separately, a lot of the headsets have built-in noise-canceling microphones.

Also, select one that is comfy for your ears and does not slip down because you will wear it for lengthy periods of time. 

4- An Office chair:

A comfortable chair is essential if you want to avoid the long, painful stretches that come with constantly sitting to teach online math classes. Having an office chair allows you to adjust the chair position to your liking.

The primary purpose is to provide support and comfort to your spine. Therefore, if you don’t want to buy a new chair right now, a support cushion can help.

5- Props:

This may seem strange to you, and you may think it is only for young children, but studies show that visuals are the most efficient means of learning and remembering information for a long time.

As an online math teacher, you should consider some props that create enthusiasm and interest in students to engage them and draw their attention to the topic.

6- High-resolution Camera:

Laptops and tablets have built-in cameras that work well most of the time, but if you are working on a desktop, you need to connect a web camera.

The HD camera will help you show the whiteboard properly. It will also allow your students to enjoy any props or to see the whiteboard that you might use to teach math online.

7- Sufficient Lighting:

If you are teaching math online and your room lacks natural light, then you should consider investing in a selfie ring light.

A bright space and good lighting will make your classroom feel vibrant and inviting.

Your students will feel drowsy if you are teaching in a dull and gloomy environment.

8- Anti-Blue light glasses:

Blue light from your digital devices, such as your laptop or phone, will impair your vision and make your eyes tired over time.

As an online math teacher, you will spend hours teaching math online and creating materials on your laptop, which means you must be more careful with your eyes.

The long-term impact of blue light exposure is retinal cell damage. The easiest way to avoid the damage is to take frequent breaks from the screen. However, if this is not possible, you can wear blue-light-blocking glasses.

If you currently have prescription glasses, you may add the blue light filtering function to them.

Some of the most recent screens include a built-in blue light filter. If you enable that filter, your screen will have a yellow tint that shows that the blue light has been blocked.

9- Laptop Stand:

When teaching math online, you must take care not to damage your posture. That means you need to be at ease with how you sit.

A laptop stand will help you in keeping your laptop at eye level. You can adjust the position of the laptop stand to suit your preferences.

One of the most common reasons for lower back pain is poor posture or a bad sitting position.

When you are teaching math online, and there is no one to see how you are sitting, chances are you don’t worry about your posture, so a laptop stand can help you stay in a position that is good for your health.

10- A second monitor:

Online math teachers must manage many activities at once, which requires the use of multiple tabs.

You will be able to see your students while also sharing your screen, and you will also be able to monitor the chat box for questions.

If you are teaching online math classes on a small screen, or have trouble navigating across many tabs, consider purchasing a second monitor.

You may even use several devices, such as a phone, tablet, and iPad if that is more convenient for you.

11- Mini whiteboard or online whiteboard:

In an online math class, you may need to use a whiteboard to demonstrate the concept. Instead of hauling the large whiteboard, you may use the mini one, which will be handier.

Instead of repeatedly moving and fixing your camera to the large whiteboard, you may bring the mini one immediately in front of your camera.

If you believe that a traditional whiteboard is not suitable for your virtual math class, you might try using an online whiteboard to teach math online.

It provides a variety of alternatives for keeping students interested in the lesson. It also has the feature to collaborate with students, allowing them to participate in the activity.

12- Ethernet cable:

Wi-Fi networks can be unreliable sometimes, so plugging in an ethernet cable is another option for a stronger connection. It will perform an excellent job and will enhance your internet connection.

However, if you have a fast enough Wi-Fi connection, you don’t need to worry about the ethernet wire, but it should be available in case the Wi-Fi connection goes down.

13- Wireless mouse and keyboard:

You already have a lot of material on your desk while teaching math online, so do yourself a favor and switch to a wireless mouse and keyboard.

Your desk will seem far less cluttered, and you will have more flexibility in movement.

14- Cloud storage:

You may have enough capacity on your laptop or other devices for online math teaching, but cloud storage will be a game-changer for online math teachers. You may save your files on a variety of cloud storage apps.

Another advantage of storing your documents on the cloud is that you may view and edit them from any location and on any device.


Technology is rapidly evolving, demanding the acceptance of the new normal. So, remain informed on developments and the necessary equipment for online math teachers.

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