5 Best Smartphones for Math Teachers

5 Best Smartphones for Math Teachers

Math teachers have a big responsibility aside from teaching students math. They have to plan assignments, correct homework, and keep track of deadlines, not to mention schedule meetings and much more. 

A great rule of thumb to consider is that a smartphone should replace your laptop or tablet/iPad. On the other hand, a smartphone can be incredibly beneficial to your life and even make a massive difference in your work life.

The best smartphone for math will give you access to apps, emails, and calculators, making your work life more productive. 

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Google Pixel 5SAMSUNG Galaxy S21iPhone 14Microsoft Surface Duo 256GBMotorola Razr 5G

1-Google Pixel 5 5G 128GB 6GB RAM International Version

Model: Pixel 5

Storage: 128GB

The Google Pixel 5G is a simple phone that gets the job done. The phone works on a Sim card from ATT&T and T-mobile. +

The screen is 6 inches. The processor is Qualcomm, and the camera is 12 MP dual pixel. The phone only comes in black and has a gorilla glass protective screen. The exterior of the phone is plastic and does not oic up handprints.

The always-on display gives you access to different apps, with 128 GB just suitable for downloading movies, videos, and apps. Plus, Google offers unlined cloud storage for photos and files. 

The HD resolution makes all images look crisp and details the screen, making the images look even more transparent. The Bluetooth connection on the pixel is perfect and fast.

Not to mention the battery l life of the pixel is remarkable and will last you all day if you have been recording all day online or watching videos; this small but mighty phone can handle anything.

2-SAMSUNG Galaxy S21+ Plus 5G Android Cell Phone 128GB US Version Smartphone

Price: $849.99

Model: S21

Storage: 128GB

This phone is for the tech heads. The Samsung Galaxy S21 is your new friend. Zoom in and out with the excellent Pro-grade camera and easy-to-use multi-camera lens—awesome 8k video. 

The high resolution of 64MP will capture lifelike portrait pictures that capture every detail.  Take pictures of lecture notes or record lectors.

The superpower battery life will manage the usage of your device. On a fully charged phone, you can go all day without charging.
If you are updating from another Android phone, it is pretty easy to carry over your password auto-fill feature.

To connect to Google’s auto-fill service with the Samsung Galaxy S21, go to setting, search for autofill service, click the name with that manual option, then on the next screen, choose Google. The autofill feature will save you the trouble of typing in your email and passcode.

Lastly, with the 5g connectivity, as you access everything you need fast, whether it’s downloading files, backing up your device, or downloading new apps, this phone can handle it.

The flash notification is an excellent feature. Simply go to settings, advanced message, then select flash notification. With this feature, the whole screen flashes, and you will never miss an important notification again.

3-New Apple iPhone 14 (64GB, Black): Cell Phones & Accessories

Model: iPhone 14

Storage: 64 GB

For the math teacher that isn’t very tech-savvy, the iPhone 14 is the best option. The phone comes in three different colors.

The screen crystal clear retina display, and triple dual camera for the best pictures, and to connect with other Apple devices. The latest model is very durable but not water-resistant. 

The iPhone 12 is easy to operate. If you have other Apple devices, then your little Apple ecosystem will be complete with this phone.

A great feature of the iPhone is the easy use of the calendar. You can connect your email to the calendar and easily schedule an appointment or meet. The iPhone 12 allows you to manage deadlines and meetings.  Let’s not forget about the 5g connectivity. When connected to wifi, you get fast downloads

4-Microsoft Surface Duo 256GB AT&T Locked, Glacier TGM-00001 Bundle with Wacom

Price: $529.00

Model: E2MSTGM00001

Storage: 256 GB

The Microsoft Surface Duo is revolutionary. The dual-screen will enhance your productivity—launch full-screen primary apps across both screens or use two different apps on both screens. Plus, you get access to a full-screen keyboard to type out messages fully.  Microsoft Surface display is 8.1 and weighs 8.80z.

The phone has thin and sleek hardware. The 360 hinge is immaculate. 

The surface allows you to browse the web smoothly and connect to zoom or other types of video conference apps. 

The storage is 256.  For the best experience, you want to go with the highest GB. Anything lower will cause the phone to lag. 

5-Motorola Razr 5G | Unlocked | Made for the US by Motorola

Price: $999.99


Storage: 265 GB

Are you looking for a traditional flip phone that still has the smartphone touch? Well, look no further enter the:  Motorola Razr. It’s shockingly water-resistant due to the water-repellent coding that perfects the integrity of the phone.

In addition, the 48 mg camera gives you more natural images. For a small phone, the quality of the picture is top-of-the-line.

Even the cover display has a purpose and can call people, take selfies, and keep emails. You can only open small apps. The traditional style of the Motorola Razr makes this a one-of-a-kind phone. It is perfect for the everyday business person.

These are all high-quality phones for the everyday math teachers that have a heavy schedule work-life filled with deadlines and meetings. It’s critical to have a good phone that matches your lifestyle.

The best smartphones can quickly shift between apps from researching online to checking your calendar or emailing a student with no freezing. 

Some anti-technology critics will say as a society; we are losing ourselves to technology. But, the main purpose of technology is to enhance your life. If your smartphone can not replace your computer or iPad. You need an upgrade.

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