The Best Books for Math Teachers

The Best Books for Math Teachers

Whether you’re a seasoned math teacher or just starting, there is always something new to learn in the world of math.

You can enhance your skills on topics you already know, learn something new so you can change what grades you teach math, or you can even learn a new way to teach your math students better.

The biggest problem you’ll find isn’t that there is a lack of books available, but there are too many. So you need a way to buy the best books for math teachers without spending too much money or wasting money on books that aren’t going to meet your needs.

You’re already busy spending your day teaching students, and your after-hours are probably spent grading papers or creating lesson plans for your next math class. So we’ve provided a selection of the best books for math teachers so you can quickly buy, study, and start implementing your new knowledge.

Keep reading so you can get the skills you need in the most effective and fastest way possible.

Best Math Books For Maths Teachers

1. Algebra I for Beginners: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Acing Algebra I

Algebra I for Beginners is a highly accessible teaching resource that stands out in its simplification of algebraic concepts for students and educators alike. This book stands as a beacon in teaching Algebra I, using relatable examples and clear explanations to make complex mathematical concepts easy to grasp.

What truly distinguishes this book is its innovative integration of digital technology. Each topic is linked to a unique QR code or webpage, providing a wealth of supplementary materials, such as video tutorials, detailed lessons, illustrative examples, and varied exercises. This multimedia approach caters to different learning styles and fosters a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Teachers will appreciate the practical tools offered, including lesson plans, teaching strategies, assessment methods, and tips for explaining complex concepts. With its wealth of exercises ranging in difficulty, the book ensures comprehensive coverage and understanding of each topic.

In a nutshell, Algebra I for Beginners presents a unique blend of traditional teaching methods and modern digital resources, simplifying algebraic concepts and making learning interactive and enjoyable. It’s an essential tool for anyone teaching Algebra I.

2. Teaching Math with Google Apps

Technology has invaded our lives and kids today are experts at using it, having grown up with technology all around them and constantly changing.

But, unfortunately, we often find that classrooms don’t keep up with technology, so this book provides a way to connect with technologically advanced math students.

You’ll get 50 ways that you can incorporate technology into your math classes. Not just for the sake of doing it, but for effective and familiar ways that students already use technology.

It allows you to connect with them and show them that they do need math and do more than just use their phone’s calculator.

Upskill yourself with new technologies, especially if the last upgrade you did was from a blackboard to a whiteboard.

3. Visible Learning for Mathematics, Grades K-12

Creating lesson plans and finding optimal teaching strategies can be difficult, especially as students change how they learn year after year.

The world is quickly evolving, and what worked for students even five years ago may not be the most effective today.

Visible Learning for Mathematics provides a clear guide to help you plan and teach your students through every stage of their math learning from kindergarten to Grade 12.

You’ll get instructional videos, teaching templates, planning guides, and assessment tools (rubrics) to effectively grade and help students direct their learning efforts to the right topics.

4. 5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussion

Having your math students sit in silence as you write on a whiteboard is not often the best strategy.

Instead, having a lively discussion and bringing all students into the conversation provides a way to engage and get students excited about math.

Use student work, questions, and ideas to bring out lively discussion that gets all students involved and interested in math.

With active discussion, students aren’t going to become bored, and it allows them to ask questions and even help each other understand ideas better.

If you’re the type of teacher who wants active discussion in your classroom, this book provides practical strategies for getting your math students involved and interested in math.

5. Reach Them All

Not every student is at the same level in their math understanding, whether that’s students falling behind or just students with weaker points in certain areas.

So if you’re looking for a way to help reach all students and help assess weak points they need to study, then this book is perfect for you.

Reach Them All will show you how to create math learning stations, where students will go through different topics and get instant feedback on how well they’ve done and what areas they need to review.

The approach is not for everybody, but it’s certainly an effective option where you have a wide range of math students at different levels, and your class size may be very large. So you can provide the most effective approach for a large number of students.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your goal, you’ll find some of the best books for math teachers listed above without having to hunt and buy books that may not be effective for what you need. There are too many books in the world that don’t work and waste your time and money.

Ensure you’re learning the best so that you can give your best to your math students every day. You’re busy shaping future generations to run the world, so leave the hard work of finding your learning material to a trusted math source.

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