How long is the TEAS Test?

How long is the TEAS Test?

For many who are considering nursing school, there is a hurdle: the TEAS test. If you are preparing for this test, the question may be in your mind, how long does the test last?

The TEAS test is a standard admission exam utilize by many nursing schools to assess potential applicants. The TEAS test developed by ATI and aims to predict student success in nursing school. The test assesses nursing volunteers’ skills in Reading, Math, Science, English and Language Use.

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The TEAS test is a multiple-choice exam that includes four sections. The test consists of 170 questions and has a time limit of three hours and 29 minutes (209 minutes). Out of 170 questions, 20 questions use for internal test purposes and are not graded. The TEAS time limits are:

  • Reading: 64 minutes- 53 questions
  • Mathematics: 54 minutes- 36 questions
  • Science: 63 minutes- 53 questions
  • English and Language Usage:  28 minutes- 28 questions

After the math section, which is the second of the four sections in the test, all test takers are given a 10-minute break. These 10 minutes are not part of the 209 minutes allotted for the test. If you need to rest, use the restroom, or for any other reason, you should raise your hand to get permission to do so. The time you spend on this optional break is calculated against your test time. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you never take a break, except for the 10-minute break given after the math section.

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