How to Solve Word Problems with Four-digit Dividends and Two-digit Divisors

In real-world scenarios, we often encounter situations where we need to divide large four-digit numbers by two-digit numbers. These word problems can range from distributing resources on a large scale to calculating averages for big datasets. Let's dive into some word problems that involve this type of division.

How to Solve Word Problems with Four-digit Dividends and Two-digit Divisors

Dividing Four-digit Numbers by Two-digit Numbers in Word Problems

Example 1:

A city marathon had \(8,640\) participants and wanted to divide them equally into groups of \(36\) for a warm-up session. How many groups will be formed?

Solution Process:

Divide \(8,640\) by \(36\).


There will be \(240\) groups.

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Example 2:

A factory produced \(9,216\) toys in a month. If they pack these toys in boxes of \(48\) each, how many boxes will they need?

Solution Process:

Divide \(9,216\) by \(48\).


They will need \(192\) boxes.

Tackling word problems that involve dividing four-digit numbers by two-digit numbers requires a clear understanding of the problem’s context and careful calculations. By breaking down the problem, identifying the numbers involved, and performing the division, you can find the solution and apply this knowledge to various real-world scenarios. Practice regularly with different word problems to hone your skills and become adept at handling large-scale division challenges!

Practice Questions:

1. A school has \(6,372\) students and wants to distribute them equally in classes of \(53\). How many classes will be formed?

2. A library acquired \(7,808\) new books and plans to place them on shelves, with \(56\) books per shelf. How many shelves will they need?

3. A charity event had \(8,294\) attendees and wants to divide them into teams of \(47\) for various activities. How many teams can they form?

4. A company sold \(9,576\) products and wants to ship them in cartons of \(84\) each. How many cartons will they prepare?

5. A music festival sold \(5,460\) tickets and plans to divide the attendees into sections of \(91\) each for seating. How many sections will there be?

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1. \(120\) classes with a remainder of \(12\)

2. \(139\) shelves with a remainder of \(24\)

3. \(176\) teams with a remainder of \(30\)

4. \(114\) cartons

5. \(60\) sections

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