Top 5 Laptop Stands to Help You Teach Online

Top 5 Laptop Stands to Help You Teach Online

Whether you’re still trying to set up your home office to teach online, or perhaps you’ve decided to start tutoring students online, you need the right tools to do your best job.

Of course, part of that process is having a laptop stand to ensure the safety of your laptop and your health.

Benefits of a Laptop Stand

Most people realize you can get a laptop stand, but is it worth it, and is there a reason you need one, or is this just another device you don’t need.

Laptop Stands and Laptop Safety

Laptop stands perform several functions to keep your laptop safe and working to its best.

  • Protection from spills. If you accidentally spill something on your desk, it may run into your laptop if it’s just sitting there. However, if a laptop stand elevates your laptop, then your laptop is safe from damage.
  • Protection from overheating. If your laptop is directly on your desk or even lap, then it will be working harder to stop itself from overheating. On a stand, your laptop is elevated with better airflow and even cooling fans to assist.

Laptop Stands for Your Health and Safety

Working on a laptop all day requires you to look down, putting strain on your neck and lower back. This strain is due to the weight of your head and the position it’s left in all day. In addition, this can cause pain and long-term health issues.

A laptop stand will allow you to adjust your laptop to eye level so that you don’t need to keep looking down and take the strain away from your neck and lower back.

Laptop Stands are Lightweight and Portable

You might think you set your laptop stand up on your desk at home, and that’s where it lives until you replace it.

However, if you’re traveling with your laptop, then a laptop stand is an ideal option to take with you, and it ensures your comfort no matter where you are.

Most laptop stands are lightweight and portable. You can often fold them up to the point you can place them in a bag or even your luggage without much room or weight being taken up.

Top 5 Laptop Stands for Online Teaching

  • 1- Kentevin Laptop Stand
  • 2- Amazon Basics Laptop Stand
  • 3- Awezon Ventilated Laptop Stand
  • 4- Soundance Laptop Stand
  • 5- Rain Design iLevel 2 Adjustable Laptop Stand

Kentevin Laptop Stand

  • A phone stand is attached, so you can keep an eye on your phone while working.
  • Excellent support for all laptops from 10” to 17”.
  • Height adjustable and can swivel to share the screen with others.
  • Inexpensive considering all the features it has.

Amazon Basics Laptop Stand

  • Basic design that provides an adjustable stand when that’s all you need.
  • Inexpensive.

Awezon Ventilated Laptop Stand

  • Mesh base to allow excellent airflow.
  • Fully adjustable for height and angles.
  • Extremely inexpensive.

Soundance Laptop Stand

  • Multiple colors are available.
  • Reasonably cheap
  • 6-inch elevation
  • Easy disassembly for travel.

Rain Design iLevel 2 Adjustable Laptop Stand

  • Adjustable height and angles
  • Space to store keyboard and mouse.
  • Very stylish.

Final Thoughts

A laptop stand can be an inexpensive way to ensure the safety of your laptop, as well as your comfort and health.

If your budget allows it, you can add many features and options for a better experience. Some of these options include cooling fans, phone holders, or even just the ability to adjust the height and angle of your laptop.

You may even be able to add an attachment for an external mouse and keyboard so everything is tidy and together.

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