What to Look for in Graphing Calculators?

What to Look for in Graphing Calculators?

Graphing calculators are the most advanced calculator you can use and can be confusing, especially for an adult that needs to buy one for their kids for school.

Often these were not used or were too expensive when we were kids, so they may not be familiar to you now.

This short article will take you through what to look for in graphing calculators so you or your child can get the most out of your purchase and do the best possible for learning and test-taking.

What is a Graphing Calculator?

You have three standard types of calculators. The graphing calculator is the most advanced; however, you will find different functionality and a wide range of prices even within graphing calculators.

Standard calculators will provide the very basics needed for doing math. If you need to subject, add, multiply, or divide, then these are the calculators you need. They’re also the cheapest.

Scientific calculators are a more advanced option that provides the same functionality as a standard calculator and features like boolean math, hexadecimal calculations, fractions, and help to calculate probabilities.

Graphing calculators are the most advanced and most expensive calculators you will find. They provide most of the functionality you’ll find in standard and scientific calculators but also provide a visual graphing display.

In addition, you can plot graphs, solve equations simultaneously, and you can even program some of them to do even more advanced calculations and functions.

Are all graphing calculators good for every subject?

When selecting your graphing calculator, you shouldn’t just pick the cheapest or the first one you find. Instead, what subjects are you taking or maybe taking in the future?

Because graphing calculators are expensive, you’ll want to ensure that the one you select is appropriate and has functions available for the subjects you’ll be studying and calculating.

For example, you may find the cheapest graphing calculator is not appropriate for college classes and will be a waste of money.

Can all Graphing Calculators be used in tests?

Not all graphing calculators can be used in all tests, which can be confusing.

Some graphing calculators are widely excluded from major tests, while others can be used in some but not others. Your best option would be to pick a graphing calculator that can be used across all tests that you will or may be taking.

What brands of Graphing Calculators are the best?

Two companies dominate the graphing calculator market. They provide the best and the broadest range so that you’ll have options when picking.

This is Texas Instruments and Casio. While you can pick a graphing calculator from any company, TI and Casio have the most experience and often the best features that have been tested and modified to suit students’ needs over the years.

Final Thoughts

Graphing calculators are often expensive; however, if you spend a little more money on your first purchase, you can continue using it year after year. So, consider paying more upfront to save costs later.

Pick the best calculator that will assist with the subjects and tests you will be doing, which does require a little research but can save you a lot of time later and cost.

For example, you don’t want to have to buy two different calculators if you’re taking engineering and math classes; you’ll find an option that will work for both.

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