Take GED Test Online for Free

Take GED Test Online for Free

The GED is a group of four subject tests that, if passed, certify that a person achieved the US and Canadian high school education standards. The four GED subtests are as follows:

  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Math

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Like many standard tests, GEDs can only be performed in person at an authorized GED test center. Although the GED runs on a computer, you cannot take the test at home or online from anywhere other than an authorized testing center.

Any website you come across that insists that GED is online or that you can get GED online is just a scam trying to steal your money. Do not be fooled! All they are offering are fake GED diplomas and certificates that are not valid or recognized in the United States or Canada.

So what can you do with GED online? Although you cannot take the actual test on your computer, you can use online resources and classes to prepare for the test.

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The cost of the GED varies from state to state, but some students can take the GED test for free because some states subsidize the cost of GED testing entirely, and some other states do so partially. Some government-sponsored healthcare providers cover the cost of the GED test. Texas also offers free testing for eligible students. There are also some local adult and employer education programs that pay for the GED test. Free GED preparation classes are held in almost every state, and nothing prevents you from getting a GED degree!

High School Equivalency Tests

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