How is the GED Math Scored?

Every GED area test gets scored via a scale from 100 to 200 points. To pass the GED test, you have to get a minimum of 145 points on each one of the 4 subject tests, to reach a score of a minimum of 580 points (out of a potential 800).

How is the GED Math Scored?

Each of the subject tests must be passed separately. That means you have to receive 145 points on each of the test sections. If one subject test is failed yet you did good on one of the others and received at least 580 points, you still wouldn’t pass the test.

There are 4 potential scores you can get when taking the GED Test:

Not Passing

That implies you got less than 145 points on one or more of the 4 tests. If you don’t pass a subject test, you can retake only that subject test. There’s no limit to how many times you can retake the GED test in a year.

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Passing Score / High School Equivalency

That signifies your score is between 145 and 164 points. Keep in mind that points received on one of the test subjects don’t carry over to the other subjects.

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College Ready

This signifies the score was between 165 and 175 points, showing readiness to take college-level courses. A College Ready score indicates you might not require placement testing or remediation before starting a college program.

College Ready + Credit

This indicates that the score was 175 or higher. It means you have already conquered a few skills that are taught in college classes. Dependent on the school’s rules, that might translate into a few college credits–so you save time as well as money in the course of your college instruction.

High School Equivalency Tests

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