Brain Training Apps and How They Help Increase Memory and Focus

Brain Training Apps and How They Help Increase Memory and Focus

If you’ve ever seen a magic show (and you certainly have) then you know how fascinating the mind is. Thanks to skillful showmen, it is quite easy for the mind to get confused, seduced, and experience amazing things in its labyrinth.

Sometimes it can be scary, sometimes as some kind of spiritual experience.

In its essence magic show, it is very simple; practical tricks and common physics laws are all that it takes to feel your mind blown away.

Although the mind is still almost as unknown as the universe, it also has its practical, everyday role in life.

No matter how high your level of intelligence is and how well you manipulate your mind – you need to feed, exercise, and rest your brain.

One of the best modern ways to do all this is through brain training applications.

What Is the Secret Ingredient Of Brain Training Applications?

It is true that brain training apps are very popular, but also that many doubt their effectiveness in terms of exercising memory, focusing, and reducing stress and anxiety. Most games and tricks with brain training apps are based on a simple mathematical strategy, which, as you practice them more, becomes more challenging.

For example, classical card and board games follow the same basics.

It is important to engage the brain. To Intrigue and “force” neurons to try to solve a certain entanglement. Since one of the basic human instincts is the desire to prove and win, the brain needs to be stimulated. That’s why all games are competitive.

When you are using these games you compete with yourself as well as when you have some kind of physical training. If you are persistent enough – your brain will function better. It is that simple.

All brain training apps aim to improve memory, strengthen focus and help with everyday life and business challenges…

Metaphorically speaking, neurons are like blood cells. When you are active, walking, or running – circulation is better, you are warmed up and feel full of life. It is similar to neurons. The more you try to win a game – the more neurons are created and a brain network is forming through which brain impulses pass more easily.

We have selected 4 top brain training apps for you. They will help you to relax and to also stimulate your brain healthily and funnily.

We can guarantee that whichever you choose you will not go wrong.

See below:

     1)   Personal Zen

We all know that stress is a killer of life joy and work motivation. No matter how much desire and knowledge we had, sometimes stress simply does not allow us to do our best. The Personal Zen app can help us.

An average of 6 minutes a day is enough to use Personal Zen to reduce stress. You will gradually create a healthy armor and you will be able to process all stressful situations without fatigue and anxiety.

There are free and paid versions; available for iOS and Android devices.

     2) Positive Activity Jackpot

This brain training application is a great choice for those prone to depression and a darker way of looking at life. It is based on augmented reality and allows users to quickly find activities that will cheer them up.

You can also “pull the lever” and the application itself will, according to the principle of games of chance – choose the activity for you.

Unlike most brain training apps, the Positive Activity Jackpot is not based on scientific studies, but it certainly provides simple and unobtrusive entertainment that will help you relax.

It is developed for iOS devices only.

    3) Brain trainer app

This is actually a large online platform that contains a collection of the most famous brain applications on the market. The choice is huge!

You can choose between games based on a combination of words and letters, memory games, puzzles, colors, math tasks…

Darshan Somashekar, creative director of I’m a Puzzle emphasizes the importance of the modern fusion of games and the learning process.

“In principle, it is an educational platform that improves the motor and memory functions of the brain for children from an early age people in their late eighties. Stress is a big health problem and blocks all human mind potential. If we do not process it well it can transform into a serious disease.”

In addition, it is excellent as a communication channel for parents and children. Children can learn through play, and at the same time get closer to the parents who are here in the role of teachers and rivals to the children.

Also, the platform is intended for teachers and students. It can easily be applied as a fun addition to regular school activities.

      4) Duolingo

Duolingo is without a doubt one of the top 3 language learning apps worldwide.

A state-of-the-art application that allows users to learn and perfect the language of their choice.

You can choose from more than 35 languages.

Duolingo is incredibly popular; likable designed with an emphasis on cultural diversity and appreciation. Animated characters will knock you off your feet with their charm and most importantly motivate you to use the app every day.

Supposedly, it only takes 20 minutes a day to master the beginning level of the chosen language in 3 months.

In addition to helping you master the language, Duolingo is an application created to activate multiple parts of the brain. The one in charge of memory, but also strategy and motoric skills. On top of all that, it’s a lot of fun and relaxing.


As we said at the beginning, the mysteries of our minds are hard to decipher. We often find it difficult to understand, but that should not stop us from trying to help ourselves.

Control and practice are all that we need to give as much as possible. By improving memory and focus, our lives will surely be of better quality, and why not more magical?

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