Top 10 Tips to Retake GED Math Test

Chances are you did all your best but ended up failing the GED Math test and so wondering if you’re allowed to retake the test. Yes, you can retake the GED subtest multiple times to earn your GED diploma. Retaking is possible days after your first attempt.   

Honestly, nobody feels happy when s/he fails the exam and so it’s normal if you feel disappointed for a moment.

But you need to learn from your failure and get back to your feet and then plan to ace the test during the next retake.

It doesn’t matter if you’re yet to master all the advanced mathematics topics or maybe see mathematics as your toughest subject. What matters now is figuring out what to do to increase your GED Math score and ace the test. And to achieve this, you need full preparation and practice.

Top 10 Tips to Retake GED Math Test

Best Tips and Strategies to Improve Your Low GED Math Score

Below are our top 10 tips and strategies you can employ to increase your GED Math score even if you’re not a math geek.

1- Skip the Most Difficult Math Questions

Many test-takers don’t understand this simple trick and therefore think they need to answer 100% of the questions correctly. No, you don’t have to. You only need about 45% of questions answered correctly to score 145 or above, which are about 22 correct answers in the GED Mathematical Reasoning section. All in all, you can skip those difficult questions and still pass the test.

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More so, you’ll not be penalized for not answering a question correctly. So rather than leaving any question unanswered, you should answer all the questions.

2 Identify Your GED Math Weaknesses

One thing for sure is that you’ve got to have your area of weakness and strength. So you need to figure out which area of Math you’re strong or weak at and then leverage that appropriately. For some, it’s geometry, while for others is statistics or algebra.

Chances are you, like most test-takers, are short of time. Maybe you have kids to care for, or you’re an employee who needs to spend time doing your work. In that case, you have just a few hours to study for the GED and you need to manage your time judiciously to make sure you get most of your study for these few hours.

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3- Memorize GED Math formulas

In Mathematics, certain mathematical formulas are better memorized than just read. This will not only help in effectively managing your time during the test it’ll also save you from stress. Fortunately, the 2022 GED® Mathematical reasoning test comes with a formula sheet containing most formulas about geometric measurement and certain algebra concepts. So rather than focusing on memorizing formulas you only need to master how to use the formulas. But you can save more time when you memorize the formulas, and we advise you to practice them when taking the GED Math practice tests.

4- Learn specific GED Math skills

Focusing on specific GED Math skills is another tip you need to improve your score. The GED Math test questions are categorized on a fixed frequency. The frequencies are as follows:

  • Number operations and number sense – about 20% to 30% of the test
  • Measurement & geometry – approximately 20% to 30% of the test
  • Data analysis and statistics – about 20% to 30% of the test, and
  • Algebra – approximately 25% to 30% of the test

Overall, you should focus more on those Math skills you know are easy to learn and spend some other time on other hard skills. 

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5- Underline Key Parts of the Question

As you’re trying to answer a question, underline key parts of the question. This is so you would what’s required of you and you wouldn’t make a mistake during the calculation process.

Sometimes GED Math questions can be tricky and in that, you need to solve one question before another. A typical example is where you’re required to find the value of say 2x. In that case, you need to solve x before you can determine what 2x will be. But what many test-takers do in most cases if they can’t find the value of x is to guess an answer. To avoid this, try and understand all the relevant sections of the question before beginning to answer a question.

6- Choose your study materials wisely

Some study materials are not advisable to be used by test takers because not all sources meet the GED standard. You should be very careful when choosing study materials for your GED test. Opt for only materials that are well-updated and of high quality.

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7- Know When to Take GED Math Practice Tests

Taking GED Math practice tests is not always the best method to increase your GED Math score. Some test takers work on GED Math practice tests, but their scores do not improve more or less. While the GED Math practice test will help you ensure you can implement the strategies you have learned perfectly under a timed situation it usually wouldn’t help you learn the concepts and improve your score. You should take at least three or four GED Math practice tests before test day. Keep in mind that all GED Math practice tests that you are working on must be similar to the actual GED Math test. Make sure you review your results carefully to measure your exam readiness and boost your confidence.

8- Break Bad Patterns

It can be frustrating if you find it difficult to improve your score after taking several practice tests. If this is you, then you need to ask yourself “what have you failed to do right”. Only by figuring out your common errors and taking corrective measures you can improve your performance. Make sure you keep repeating the problems you missed until you can fix them.

9- Monitor Your Time During Practice Tests

Time management is another important tip you need to master. If you spend more time answering difficult questions, you may not have enough time to answer the rest of the questions. On average, you should spend less than 90 seconds on a question. Any questions taking more than this time to answer isn’t ideal and so you should skip such a question and go back to it later.

One benefit of practicing time management with practice tests is that it helps you identify what questions take the most time to answer. And, once you figure out this, you can identify the skills needed to answer such a question and you can improve the skills further as you’re preparing for your actual GED Math test.

10- Learn How to Use GED Math Test-Taking Strategies

If you’re trying to solve a question but all to no avail, then you need to use alternative test-taking strategies. There are many effective GED Math test-taking strategies you can use to solve hard questions and improve your score easily. These include plugging in numbers, backsolving, educated guess, and ballpark. Learn how to apply these effective strategies on your GED Math practice tests and your actual test.

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