Top 10 Tips to ACE the GED Math Test

Top 10 Tips to ACE the GED Math Test

Preparing for the GED Math test? Our top GED Math tips and strategies will help you improve your score!
In this post, you will learn the 10 most effective and valuable tips that will help you ace the GED® Mathematical Reasoning test.

1- Stay Calm and Breathe Deeply

You must relax before the test. Breathing deeply and staying calm will help you out a great deal. Stay confident and tell yourself you can excel in this test. Everyone has a certain level of stress just before the test begins. Ahead of time, you might want to learn some effective breathing exercises. Spend a few minutes meditating before the test begins. Get rid of any negative thoughts you have stored up. Stay confident when these negative thoughts start to hold on.

2- Concentrate Totally on the Test

Do Not fall into the pit of comparing yourself with other people sitting near you or become distracted by various noises. Totally concentrate on the test! If noises bother you, bring along earplugs to block out the sounds. Keep in mind, this test is going to take several hours, especially if you will be taking more than one subject. Some areas of the test will have brief sections. Concentrate on the specific section you are working on. Do not let your mind wander to upcoming sections you will face later on.

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3- Read the Entire Question Carefully Before Solving it

Don’t just jump on a question. Take a few seconds to understand the information being offered. Carefully read the question twice. You need to take a moment to understand the question as well as the provided information before attempting to answer the question.

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4- Convert Keywords and Phrases into Math Operations Cautiously

Taking the GED Math test means you must understand the math applications that are fundamental to the question. Try and interpret the keywords and phrases into mathematics, carefully. Once you have written down the mathematical workings, use your knowledge of math to solve the problem.

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5- Didn’t Find Your Answer in the Choices? Rewrite it

Sometimes the answer you found might be correct but not in the simplest form. You may know the correct answer even if it doesn’t show up in the answer options.
If you know the answer but are not finding an answer option, you could try to re-write it. By expressing it in a different way, it might match one of the answer options. As an example, 1 2/3 is equal to 5/3, or 0.25 equals 25%.

6- Memorize Math Formulas

There is a formula sheet on the 2021 GED® Mathematical Reasoning test. It contains formulas relating to geometry, measurement, and various algebra concepts. Formulas are offered to those taking the test so they can concentrate on applications rather than memorizing formulas.
Memorizing math formulas is one of the most important tips for the GED Math test. It will save you a great deal of time and relieve pressure during the test. Use them during your GED math practice to test if you have mastered them.

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7- Learn How to Use the Calculator

During the test, you are not expected to perform complex mathematical calculations in your head or using a pen and paper. In section two of the GED math section, you can use the on-screen calculator (or your own calculator).
You should get comfortable and become familiar with the calculator before taking the test. This will be a great benefit for acing the test. You should learn how to deal with basic functions such as exponents and square roots on the calculator.

Become familiar with the calculator for the GED test: Preview the GED® Test Calculator Tutorial

8- Don’t Waste Your Time with Difficult Questions

Take advantage of your time during the test. Hanging on to a single question will only work against you. If you don’t know the answer to a specific question, take your best guess and mark the question so you can review it later on. There is no reason to spend time trying to solve something you are not sure about. Your time is better spent on questions you can solve. Also, keep in mind, there is no penalty on this test for guessing or getting the wrong answer. Just remember, do not leave blank spots, just answer, or guess and move on.

9- Take the Time to Breathe Deeply

If you realize your mind is wandering, your stress is on the rise, or frustration is setting in, take a short 30-second break. Close your eyes, set down your pencil, take deep breathes, and relax your shoulders. You will become more productive and become more relaxed with this small break.

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10- Review Your Answers

This is a good idea if you have time left at the end of the test. Go back and check your answers. It will be well worth your time going through the test from start to end to ensure you didn’t make any sloppy mistakes.

By following these GED Math tips, you will increase your score. Now is the time to start implementing these tips and tricks. Now is the time to start getting your GED math practice tests to good use.

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Good luck!

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