GED Math – Test Day Tips

Once you have practiced, studied, and reviewed the GED math concepts, and then taken the GED Math practice tests, you will be fully prepared for test day. Here are some important tips for you to eclipse the test.

GED Math – Test Day Tips

The Night Before the Test

Just Relax! 

The day before the test, you can just go over information briefly or skip studying altogether. Some studies have shown studying the day before a big test can actually work against you. It’s like a marathon, you wouldn’t go out the night before and run, you’d relax and prepare your body.  You are in a marathon and should not study any more than you have to 24 hours before your GED test. The bottom line, your brain needs a chance to rest to be at its peak. Why not spend the evening before with family and friends, play music, or do other activities that are relaxing?

Stay Away from Bright Screens

Before your test, you need to get some sleep. You should stay away from bright screens like your laptop, television, or mobile devices. Staring at a screen for hours on end will keep your brain awake during the time you need to go to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Eat Healthy Foods

Whatever you choose to eat for supper, it should be nutritional, and make sure you drink plenty of water. Just like preparing for a marathon, make sure you consume a lot of carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes, and pasta – don’t forget vegetables and foods loaded with protein.

Pack Your Bag for Test Day

The night before, make sure you have packed your stationery, your admissions pass, your ID, and other items you might need. Once packed, place your bag right by the front door. Don’t race around in the morning trying to collect everything, you might run out of time.

Prepare for Getting to The Test On Time

Before calling it a night, understand how you will arrive at the location for your test. If you are driving, you need to consider parking and how much time it will take to find a spot. Also, look into any road closures that might affect your planned route. If you are taking public transportation such as a subway, or bus, know their schedules and how often they run. If anyone will be going with you, make sure they are on time as well.

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On Test Day!

Make sure you get up early enough to get ready but don’t push for too early!

Have Breakfast

Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast, it’s good for your memory, concentration, and your disposition. Let’s face it, you don’t want to sit down to a test listening to your stomach grumble! So, just ensure you save yourself the embarrassment of a grumbling stomach by eating some healthy food. You should consider bringing a snack along if you think you might need it later on.

Follow Your Normal Routines

If you watch the news in the morning or listen to the radio, keep up with the same routines. On the other hand, if you never drink coffee, don’t start now, especially before your test! Staying with your routines will help you concentrate on the importance of the big test day.

Dress in Layers

You should be ready for any temperature changes so you can remove a layer if it gets too warm. Above and beyond, dress comfortably.

Be Sure to Get There on Time!

Do not show up late for your test.  It will lead to a great deal of stress and can easily scramble your mind. Get there a good 45 minutes before the test to get yourself situated. Stay away from people who are loaded with anxiety, it can rub off on you.

Leave All Your Books at Home

You should not have any books with you at the test location. Should you become anxious, books will add to it by luring you to study at the last minute which could prevent you from doing well. Leave the books at home!

Make Yourself Be Heard

If something is throwing you off, speak to a proctor. If medical attention is needed or medication is required, consult with the proctor before the test starts. Any doubts you might have should be cleared up ahead of time. You must be ready to enter the test location with peace and clarity of mind!

Have A Lot of Faith in Yourself!

When you have a belief in yourself, you will perform at your very best. While waiting for the test to start, envision excelling, and receiving great results. You did all your studying; you know the answers no matter how many questions are tossed your way. Like an athlete, your expectations will be reflected by your performance.

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During the Test

Take A Deep Breath and Be Calm

You must be calm and relaxed before taking the test. Like everyone else, you will feel some stress before the test begins. Stay calm and keep positive thoughts. Push out any negative ideas you might have built up, just stay confident, and remain calm.

Concentrate on The Test

Do not spend time concentrating on the people around you or noises you might pick up. If noises bother you, bring along earplugs to block them out. Keep in mind, the test is going to last for a few hours, especially if you are testing for more than one subject. Concentrate on the subject that is in front of you at that moment. Do not let your thoughts wander to subjects that have not been covered yet, just the subject that is before you at this time.

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Move on From A Difficult Question

Make the best use of the time you have for the test. If you stay glued on a question for too long, you are wasting your time, move on. If you don’t know the answer to a particular question, make a guess, and then mark the question to look it over later on. You are only wasting time stuck on a question you do not have the answer to. Your time is better spent answering questions you know the answers to. On a test like this, you will not be punished for having the wrong answer.

Answer Each Question Separately

Only focus on the question you are presently working on and try to solve it. If you can’t come up with an answer, don’t get worked up and excited just move on.

Breathe In And Out!

If you find your mind is wandering, your stress is on the rise, and you are becoming frustrated then it’s time to take a break for a few seconds to get back on track. Breathe deeply, let your shoulders relax, and close your eyes. This will help you become more productive when you clear your mind and relax.

Go Over Your Answers

If you still have time at the end of the test, go back and look over your answers. It’s well worth your time to ensure you didn’t make a bad mistake and have the time to correct it.

Use Your Breaks Wisely

When you are given a break, use it wisely. Visit the restroom, splash water on your face, and have a snack to rejuvenate your energy before heading back to the test. Do a few stretching movements to get your blood flowing again.

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After the Test

There is no sense in questioning yourself about an answer or building up a level of stress. The test is over and it’s time to relax. There is nothing you can do about an answer that keeps bothering you because there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Your time would be better spent finding something that makes you happy and finding something you enjoy doing for the rest of the day.

Applying to Colleges or Taking the Test Again

If you pass the test, you are probably walking on air! Your studying and hard work paid off! Once you have succeeded on the test, you are now free to apply to the college or university you have your heart set on.
If you failed the test, though, don’t worry. You can retake the test. You will have to follow the test retake policies and will have to register again to take the GED test.

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Make sure to keep these tips and go over them to refresh yourself. Keep your cool and get ready to take this test again. Keep positive and get the results you wanted the first time.

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