How to Manage Your Time Effectively on the Praxis Core Math Test?

How to Manage Your Time Effectively on the Praxis Core Math Test?

Time management is one of the most important tasks that every test taker should pay attention to. Test takers should manage time well during the month leading up to the test and on the day of the Praxis Core Math test so that no question has not been answered due to lack of time. Due to the importance of time management in the Praxis Core Math test, test time management techniques are discussed below.

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1.Take the time to get an initial overview of the questions

It may take five to ten minutes to read the questions, but it will have a much greater impact on the result of your work. Therefore, when you attend the exam, use it well for the first five minutes to be informed about the whole course of the exam that is ahead of you. The first five minutes we mentioned have some advantages that we mention below:

  • Studying the questions will make you start thinking and give you the main program of the exam so that you know with a general view what answer you should write for each question.
  • It prepares you to identify any questions and topics that challenge you and put them aside until you return to them at the end of the exam and the rest of the time.

2. Start with questions that you know you can easily answer

Another important point in how to manage the exam session is that although we try to divide the time equally by dividing the questions into hard and easy categories, sometimes it happens to everyone that even among the easy questions there is a point or topic that at that moment test takers cannot find the right answer for it. This can easily confuse you to get out of the time management program line. In these cases, it is better not to waste your time staring at these questions. Go through these questions and move on seriously and answer the other questions.

3. Deal with challenging questions

You should not ignore some questions that you do not like about their subject. For questions that are cleverly designed and somehow want to trap you, you should set aside time at the end of the exam and return to these questions when you have extra time. Answer the other questions according to the division of time that you have considered and for all the questions, set aside the time they need. Do not sacrifice other questions.

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4. Practice a lot to be more prepared

The most important thing about how to manage time in the Praxis Core Math test is to practice a lot. It can be hard and tedious, but you seriously need to practice time management techniques over and over again. Practicing time management may even be more important than practicing answering questions. This means that instead of just practicing questions and topics, you should practice all of them in situations like exams. When practicing, try to choose a more time limit for yourself than what is normally considered for exams.

5. Efficient use of a calculator

The Praxis Core Math test provides you with an on-screen four-function calculator. Although using this calculator is not very difficult, but you must have the necessary ability to work with it. With more practice, your speed in using the calculator will increase. Use the calculator only when you really need it, Excessive and excessive use of the calculator will cause you to run out of time for the test.

6. Stress control during the test

It is normal to have stress on the day of the test, but it only results in wasting your time. You can reduce your anxiety with relaxation techniques in such situations. If you face with difficult questions, stay focused, and if you are unable to answer them, move on to the next question.

In fact, the main secret to efficient time management in the Praxis Core Math test is a lot of practice which will increase the speed of your action. The rest of the mentioned tips will only help you to be successful if you practice a lot.

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