A Comprehensive Collection of Free Praxis Math Practice Tests

A Comprehensive Collection of Free Praxis Math Practice Tests

The Praxis exam measures the knowledge and skills of high school math teachers. Some states require it for teacher certification in the subject area. So, passing the exam is essential for your teaching career.

You are given 90 minutes to answer 60 questions that are split up into 2 parts:

  • Number and Quantity, Functions, Algebra, and Calculus  (41 questions)
  • Probability and Statistics, Geometry, and Discrete Mathematics (19 questions)

This computer-based exam contains many questions, including selected-response, drag-and-drop, numeric-entry, and text-completion questions.

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Keep in mind that you are not allowed to bring any study materials, notes, bookbags, or any electronic devices to the test center. Scratch paper will be offered to be used during the test.

There will be a math formula sheet for the math section of the Praxis exam and it is not permitted to bring your own.

The passing score required for the Praxis Core Mathematics exam is 150 for all states, except for Washington, which requires 142.

An official score report will appear automatically in your online account within three weeks after a score is reported at the testing center.

There is no limitation to taking the Praxis test. So, if you fail the exam, you may retake it once every 21 days.

How to Prepare for the Praxis Math Test?

Find the Best Source of Study: There are numerous books about different parts of the Praxis test. But not all of them are worth studying. So, you have to choose the best one if you want to pass the test on the first try.

A useful math book must cover all the essential concepts and provides lots of practice and sample questions. You can also use several websites to have access to numerous online courses, practices, and reviews.

Reduce Test Anxiety: Taking the exam with anxiety will reduce the quality of your performance. Therefore, you have to eliminate exam anxiety by practicing and being well-prepared. You have to boost your confidence and be optimistic to answer any type of question.

Know the Test Completely: The first step to preparing for the exam is to gain information that helps you better understand the different parts and features of the exam. In other words, nothing must remain unfamiliar if you think of getting a good result.

Take Practice Tests: After working on essential math topics, you have to take several practice tests to test out your preparation and knowledge. These tests are effective to know the type and format of questions. 

Time Management: The difficulty level of questions requires you to spend more of your time on the harder ones while some easy-to-solve questions require spending less time. This ability is achievable by practicing and mastering mathematical concepts.

10 Best Websites for Praxis Math Practice Tests

  • EfforthlessMath

It is the most helpful website that contains free math practice so that you can practice with high-quality math tests. In addition, it provides a variety of books that are filled with sample questions, examples with solutions, practice tests, and reviews.

You will have access to a list of formulas that are required for the exam. There are also video lessons and tutors to help you master challenging topics.

  • Study

This reliable website offers course summaries that help you with valuable information. It contains free math practice tests that give the opportunity of testing out your math knowledge.

Some video lessons and lesson transcripts teach you the materials step by step so that you can work on those areas that require more studies. Besides that, you can use its flashcards to memorize the formulas and important topics.

  • Mometrix

Whatever you need to know about the Praxis test and its subjects is packed on this great website. There are lots of free math practice tests that reflect the question type and exam style. You can take its practices and measure your progress and preparation.

It provides you with online courses and flashcards so you have this chance to work on challenging areas and master them.

  • Varsitytutors

You are given another chance with this website to gain a desirable score. It is filled with numerous free math practice tests that are categorized by topics. The benefit of these practice tests is overcoming each topic and taking the actual exam more confidently.

Besides that, there are some test preps and tutors that are helpful to learn all the materials and pass the exam.

  • Khanacademy

With the help of each section of this website, you can develop your math knowledge. It provides some useful test day tips and overviews to enhance your information and prepare you to take the exam with less anxiety.

You can use the benefit of these practice tests to know whether you are ready for the exam or need extra exercises. One of its sections is dedicated to lessons so that you can work on every topic.

  • Teacherstestprep

You are given a great opportunity to study this website’s study guide and have enough information to take the exam. There are 2 practice tests for each subject of the Praxis test including mathematics. That way, it helps you evaluate your knowledge and progress.

Other things you see on this website are prep classes and online prep to work on the areas with which you have more challenges.

  • Mathhelp

Use this website if you need to pass the exam on your first try. It contains free math practice tests that are categorized lesson by lesson and you need them to master the topics.

Many helpful videos teach you all the math materials thoroughly. You can find effective information in its study guide that helps you to know every detail of the exam.

  • Test-guide

This website provides you with several mathematics practice tests. They cover not only math but also all Praxis subjects. This great feature is essential if you want to evaluate your performance and progress.

Additionally, a course review gives you great information about the exam and how to take it confidently. So, it is worth using to achieve the best result.

  • Teachercertification

The benefit of this website is to have access to lots of free math practice tests. You need them to measure your performance and know whether you are well-prepared to take the exam or have to study more.

There is a helpful study guide that answers several frequent questions that you may ask about the rest. So, these features help you pass the exam with a higher score.

  • 4tests

It is a perfect choice if you want a comprehensive website that gives you helpful information and free practice tests. Therefore, you can find out challenging and comfortable math topics.

In addition, there is a section for tutorials so that you have the opportunity to work on math topics with professional instructors. Moreover, you get access to a study store to buy books and other related materials.

The Best Resource for the Praxis Core Test

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Free Praxis Math Practice Tests

10 Best Praxis Math Books

  1. Test-takers who study the Praxis Core Math for Beginners learn the materials in an easy-to-follow format. So, what is better than studying a book that contains helpful strategies and information? You need them to develop your performance and know how to overcome difficult questions. By studying its reviews and examples, you will learn about each topic thoroughly. After completing these parts, it is highly recommended to take the practice tests and get acquainted with the actual Praxis math exam.
  2. The Praxis Core Math Full Study Guide provides you with whatever you have to know about the Praxis test in 13 chapters. The materials are explained through brief reviews and examples in an easy-to-understand format. Several sample questions are provided and you can apply whatever you have learned. It is highly recommended to take the book’s practice tests and evaluate your preparation to take the actual exam.
  3. With the help of the Praxis Core Math Test Prep, you get access to helpful strategies that boost your test-taking skills. You are given the essential mathematical concepts that you need for the exam through the hints and examples. After that, there is some sample practice to be solved. Keep in mind that the book contains 2 full-length math practice tests and taking them reveals your progress.
  4. The Praxis Core Math in 30 Days packs everything you need to ace the exam. It begins with helpful tips and strategies to boost your test-taking skills. Some useful reviews and examples explain all the mathematical materials that you have to know on the actual exam. It provides some sample questions at the end of each chapter, too. If you want to know the exam style, it is better to take the book’s practice tests.
  5. Solve all the questions you see in the Praxis Core Math Exercise Book to master all the topics. The benefit of having access to sample questions is that you can work on challenging areas and reach the exam level. There are also 2 full-length Praxis math practice tests so that you will experience the question type and format of the actual exam. Besides that, it contains great strategies that have great impacts on your performance and test-taking skills.
  6. The Praxis Core Math Practice Workbook contains perfect strategies that help you develop your performance during test time. The rest of the pages are filled with exercise questions about all the topics you must know to pass the Praxis math. The book offers 2 full-length math practice tests that are essential to get familiar with the test type and platform. But it is better to take them after completing the book’s questions.
  7. Another useful self-study book is the Praxis Core Math Study Guide which contains great test-taking strategies. With the help of this section, you will know how to make the best result in a limited time. The book explains the essential math materials through hints and examples and then you can solve the sample questions. After that, try to take the book’s practice tests that show you the format and content of the questions.
  8. The 5 Praxis Core Math Practice Tests provide you with practice tests that represent the quality and content of the questions you will see on the actual exam. Taking these practice tests is a great way to boost the confidence that you need to pass the exam. As the tests come with answer keys, you can learn from the mistakes and not do them the second time.
  9. The Praxis Core Math Exercise Book consists of numerous questions that cover all the math materials you must know to take the exam successfully. You are going through adequate sample questions for each topic and mastering them before doing the next one. After practicing over and over, you are well-prepared to take the practice tests of the book. That way, you will better understand the detail of the exam. 
  10. The Praxis Core Math Tutor is another best self-study book that covers the mathematical concepts you must learn. Each topic contains a review and several examples to teach you how to apply the formulas and solve the questions. You are given 2 full-length math practice tests at the end of the book so you will get familiar with the content and quality of the actual Praxis exam.

Each of these books could be a ticket to passing the Praxis Core Math Test with a perfect score. So, choose the best one according to your need and plan.

The Best Books to Ace the Praxis Core Test

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