GED Math Question Types

Are you preparing for the GED Math test? There's a lot you should know concerning the guidelines and principles for taking this test. This guide helps you learn different GED Math question types to be well prepared for the GED Math test.

GED Math Question Types

The GED Math test comes in six different question types. Let’s quickly review them below. 

1- Drag and Drop question type

In this type of question, you will need to click on an answer and drag the solution towards the question it connects to. Under this method, you might need to drag this answer towards multiple target regions to reach related questions.

2. Fill in the Blank Spaces 

You will enter an answer in a space in between a statement or in an empty box after the question. The answer can be a word, number, or short phrase. 

3. Multiple Select Questions

Candidates will select multiple correct answers for a given question. Most questions in this section have two or more right answers, and test-takers must choose all the correct answers.

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4. Multiple Choice Questions

This question is the most common question on the GED Math test. Test takers will choose one correct answer in a group of four or five options. 

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5. Table Entry Format

Test takers will have a table that comprises two columns. Within these columns, some cells contain empty boxes where you will input a number to correct the table’s sequence.

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6. Matching Question Format

In this type of question, you will have data in a column and a row. You need to tick a box if the data in the column and row matches. e or False questions fall under this question type.

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