What Skills Do I Need for the ACCUPLACER Math Test?

What Skills Do I Need for the ACCUPLACER Math Test?

ACCUPLACER is a placement test generally used by community colleges. The tests will assess your skills and place you in appropriate classes so that you’re not too overwhelmed or even too underwhelmed.

This guide will run you through what skills you will need to do well on the ACCUPLACER math test.

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ACCUPLACER Math Test Format

ACCUPLACER is all performed on a computer; however, having pen and paper available to you to help work out problems would be beneficial.

All questions are multichoice and follow an adaptive approach when asking you questions. This means that your previous response will determine the level of difficulty of your following questions. So it’s essential to review and answer to the best of your ability each question so that you are not taken down an easier path due to a simple mistake.

You can not go back and review previous questions, so once you’ve locked in an answer, that will be what is used. Keep in mind that there is no time limit, so do not be rushed when answering questions.

You can not fail the ACCUPLACER math test as it’s being used to place you in the courses you will need. However, not doing your best may put you in easier classes, making progression slower when reaching your goal. So it’s essential to plan, study and do your best on the tests.

Are Calculators Allowed?

Some questions will allow you to use an on-screen calculator. This will be apparent when viewing the question, and there will be a calculator icon in the top right corner.

A physical calculator is not allowed in the exam unless you have been given prior approval via an official accommodations request.

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What is on the Tests?

The ACCUPLACER math test is divided into three subtests, the Arithmetic subtest, the Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics subtest, and the Advanced Algebra and Functions subtest.

Arithmetic Test

The Arithmetic test will check your understanding of basic operations and how well you apply these in practical situations. This includes the topics below:

Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics Test

The Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics test will of course check your understanding of algebraic operations and problem-solving using algebra.

You will see three specific areas in the test, operations with algebraic expressions, operations with integers and rational numbers, and solutions to equations, inequalities, and word problems.

Areas you will specifically need to study are below:

Advanced Algebra and Functions Test

The Advanced Algebra and Functions test will go further into your understanding of Algebra and Functions. Specific areas you will need to review and be proficient in are below:

Final Thoughts

Preparing for and doing your best on the ACCUPLACER tests will assist you in being placed in an appropriate class for your skill level. In addition, this assessment will help you progress to the next level of your goals as quickly as possible while making sure that you learn and understand everything required.

Make sure that you study for the tests and take practice tests so that no surprises are waiting for you on the day.

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