ACCUPLACER Math in 30 Days: The Most Effective ACCUPLACER Math Crash Course
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ACCUPLACER Math in 30 Days The Most Effective ACCUPLACER Math Crash Course

A Fast, Innovative Way to Put You on the Path to Your Best Score!

Want to ace the ACCUPLACER Math test in less than 30 days? This book could be exactly what you’re looking for!

Allow a top test prep expert to hold your hand and guide you step by step to ACCUPLACER Math Success! The author knows exactly what students need to study and focus on so that they can rapidly improve their ACCUPLACER Math test scores!

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This book features:

✓ Content that is 100% aligned with the 2021 ACCUPLACER test

✓ A beginner-friendly guide for all ACCUPLACER Math topics

✓ The foundations of the ACCUPLACER Math Test

✓ Complete coverage of all ACCUPLACER Math concepts and topics that you will be tested on

✓ Updated questions that have appeared on the most recent ACCUPLACER Math tests

✓ 2 full-length practice tests (featuring new question types) with detailed answers

✓ Over 1,500 additional ACCUPLACER Math practice questions grouped by topic, allowing you to focus on your weaker areas

This book will go over a handful of ACCUPLACER Math topics such as: Fractions, Mixed numbers, Integers, Percent, Equations, Polynomials, Exponents, Radicals, and more. All topics are simply and concisely explained, allowing you to develop your mathematics skills.

With this book, a student can focus on rapidly improving their ACCUPLACER Math test scores. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a tutor, as this comprehensive ACCUPLACER Math study guide was designed for self-study in mind. However, this book can be used with a tutor or for classroom usage.

Effortlessly and confidently follow the step-by-step instructions in this study guide to ace the ACCUPLACER Math in a short period of time.