What Is a Passing Score on the CBEST Math?

What Is a Passing Score on the CBEST Math?

If you plan to complete a teacher credential program and teach in California, you must meet the state’s basic skills required to qualify for a credential. For many people, taking and passing CBEST is a way to meet this need. Here is some information on how is the CBEST test scored and its passing score. So join us!

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CBEST stands for California Basic Educational Teaching Skills Test and must be passed to get a teaching credential or to work as a substitute teacher in the state. This test assesses whether a volunteer teacher meets the state proficiency standards in the major of mathematics, reading, and writing.

Each of the three CBEST sections – math, reading, and writing – has a passing score of 41. To pass the CBEST test combined score of 123 is required.

It is possible to pass the CBEST with a lower score on one or two of the subtests by fulfilling two conditions. The first condition is that they have a scaled score of 37 or more on every subtest. The second condition is that their total combined score reaches at least 123. It means that test-takers who score 37 to 40 on up to two subtests can still pass the CBEST if they earn a high enough score on their third subtest create a score difference, and bring up their total score to 123.

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