A Comprehensive Collection of Free CBEST Math Practice Tests

A Comprehensive Collection of Free CBEST Math Practice Tests

The California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) is used to assess the proficiency of prospective teachers in mathematics, writing, and reading.

The passing score for each section of the CBEST is 41. Therefore, a test-taker must have a scaled score of at least 123 to pass this test.

Once you take the CBEST, its passing scores remain valid indefinitely for all employment purposes including working as a substitute teacher in the state or getting a teaching credential. 

The Absolute Best Book to Ace the CBEST Math Test

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The math section of the CBEST exam contains 50 questions and all in multiple-choice format. A wide range of them appeared as word problems. So, it requires test takers to develop their problem-solving skills. You have to work on your ability to use estimation, measurement, and statistical analysis on this test.

The CBEST exam is currently available in 2 formats: computer-based and online-proctored. Any type of calculator and other electronic devices, such as cell phones, are prohibited in the testing center.

You are also not allowed to use writing utensils such as pens or pencils. You will be provided with a pen and a booklet of erasable sheets for taking notes or preparing your response.

You can retake this test as many times as you need to get a passing score. The only condition is to wait only for 45 days from your last attempt.

How to Prepare for the CBEST Math Test?

Plan: The first thing you need to start studying is a plan according to your time and ability. No matter how many hours you spend, your studies’ quality leads to a better result.

With the help of a proper schedule, you will not get tired. Instead, you will motivate to practice and master the essential topics.

Resource: There are so many math books on the market but not all of them cover the CBEST mathematical concepts. Finding a comprehensive resource can help you to learn the topics once and for all.

It should be designed in an easy-to-understand format. Besides that, a good book allows you to experience exercise and take full-length math practice tests.

Time management: Another essential feature that you must learn is to manage your time and share them equally among questions. Of course, some of them require spending more time, and some of them are easily solved.

Boost confidence: One of the things that you need on a test day is to have less exam anxiety and more confidence. It is possible only by practicing and mastering the topics. So, you must be proficient in test-taking and problem-solving to take the exam successfully and confidently.

Best Websites for CBEST Math Practice Tests

  • EfforthlessMath

Whatever you need to learn for the CBEST math test is found on the Effortless Math website. It is specifically designed to provide students with mathematical books for different types of tests. You can use its benefits and find great CBEST workbooks, study guides, exercise books, and full-length practice tests.

Having access to online free math practice tests, reviews, and worksheets is another advantage of this website. Its goal is to prepare you for even challenging questions and get a higher score on the test.

  • Mometrix

You can evaluate your performance and progress through this website since it is filled with free practice tests that are similar to the actual CBEST Math test. It also has a great study guide so that you learn all steps to reach the best score.

You can use its flashcards to master challenging mathematical concepts. Besides that, it offers some online courses for those who need to develop their math level.

  • Test-guide

It helps you to get familiar with the CBEST math test as there is helpful information about different aspects of the test. The main purpose of this website is to offer free math practice tests so that you find out the type and content of the questions you are given on the actual exam. Nothing is better than being well-experienced and prepared to pass the test with a higher score. 

  •  Teachercertification

Students who have a dream of being a teacher can use the great feature of this website to know more about the math section of the CBEST test. It provides useful information about the exam and how to prepare for passing it.

In addition, you will have access to some free math practice tests that helps you to find out which section is easy and which one needs extra study.

  • Longsdalepub

This website contains a study guide and free math practice tests. Each of them has 50 multiple-choice questions. After completing the test, you will see the correct and incorrect answers.

You have the opportunity to find the correct answers to those questions that you missed. Its objective is to help you learn from your mistakes and not make them the second time.

  • Cbestpracticetest

The best way to prepare for CBEST is by going through lots of practice tests. And, it is one of the most comprehensive websites that offer free practice tests for all topics of CBEST that are fully interactive with instant scoring.

There is a thorough explanation for challenging questions so that you can learn from your mistakes. Besides that, you are given useful information about the test to take it successfully with a perfect score.

  • Mathhelp

Math is one the most challenging sections in many exams so it requires more practice to master all of its topics. This website allows you to find plenty of free CBEST math practice tests. As these tests replicate the questions you might see on the actual exam, you will be well prepared not and not surprised by unfamiliar questions. You will gain enough confidence to pass the exam by solving questions of any type and format.

  • Uniontestprep

Studying and learning the formula has an important role to solve any type of question. Because of that, this website provides a list of formulas essential for the CBEST. It also contains flashcards and a study guide that helps you be prepared to take the exam.

Another great feature that you can find is its free math practice tests. Everything you need to master mathematical concepts is packed into this great website.

  • Study

This website covers not only mathematical concepts but also all subjects that you must learn for the CBEST. There are hundreds of free math practice tests so you can use this great feature to measure your understanding.

After completing the tests, you will also see your result which is important to find out where you made mistakes. With the help of the free practice tests on this website, you can answer even difficult questions.

  • Gotestprep

The last website that is worth introducing is gotestprep. It offers some free math practice tests, each one containing 50 multiple-choice questions and you must complete them in 75 minutes. Then you can see the result and plan to study more for challenging areas.

A Comprehensive Bundle to Help you prepare for the CBEST Math Test

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Free CBEST Math Practice Tests

10 Best CBEST Math Books

  1. The CBEST Math for Beginners is the perfect resource that is designed in an easy-to-follow format. Everything that you must know for the exam is packed in this book. You will get access to numerous hints and practices that is required for the CBEST math test. Having access to 2 realistic math practice tests with detailed answer explanations is another benefit of this book. You can also study its tips and strategies to learn to overcome challenging sections.
  2. The more questions you solve, the better you prepare for the exam. That way, the CBEST Math Exercise Book helps you to practice over and over and master all topics. That is just a part of all its great features. You will also have access to helpful hints and strategies along with 2 full-length CBEST math practice tests. The goal is to practice and then take the exam successfully.
  3. Never is too late to start studying math and preparing for the exam. The CBETS Math in 10 Days is helping you to learn all essential mathematical concepts in a few days. It also contains 2 realistic CBEST math practice tests so that you get acquainted with the format and content of the actual test. Its test-taking strategies and tips are also helpful in performing better and gaining a higher score.
  4. The CBEST Math Study Guide is aiming to teach you essential topics through helpful hints and examples in several chapters. Then, there are some sample questions to practice and be well-prepared for taking realistic math practice tests. Besides that, the book offers some great, useful tips and strategies to take the exam with fewer mistakes and instructs you on how to solve difficult questions.
  5. It is highly recommended to study the CBEST Math in 30 Days when you have limited time and have to study quickly yet comprehensively. It is one the most effective book that covers whatever you must know to pass the exam. You can find reviews and examples for all topics and then you have this chance to take 2 full-length CBEST math practice tests. That way, you will proper for any type of questions on the test day.
  6. The CBEST Math Tutor is the most comprehensive self-study that students and teachers can use for its benefits. At the begging of the book, you will see efficient test-taking strategies that you must know to overcome questions of any type and format. Every topic is explained precisely and you are given some sample questions at the end of each chapter. Another benefit of the book is that you can take 2 samples of realistic math practice tests that are essential to get familiar with questions you might see on the actual CBEST exam.
  7. The comprehensive CBEST Math Test Prep assist you to learn mathematical concepts in detail and then practice to master them. This is the proficient preparation to take both of the math practice tests that the book offers. Taking them has an important role to see your progress, strong, and weak spots. So, instead of using different math resources, studying this book is exactly what you need to get ready and pass the exam with a higher score.
  8. The CBEST Math Full Study Guide covers all essential mathematical topics to pass the CBEST. There are 3 parts for each topic; explanations, examples, and sample questions. Its purpose is to teach you everything in detail and then be able to take full-length math practice tests that are provided. The book also contains some math test-taking strategies and test day tips so that you take the exams confidently and without stress.
  9. After learning all the math concepts, you can study the 5 CBEST Math Practice Tests. These tests reflect the type and format of questions you might be tested on the actual exam. Every student has to take realistic exams since it represents progress and preparations.  The benefit is that detailed answer keys are provided for each test so that you find out your mistakes and not make them the second time.
  10. The Comprehensive CBEST Math Practice book is recommended by test prep experts and it is complete coverage of the essential mathematical concepts. You are given plenty of exercises to master all topics and are ready for any type of question. Additionally, you get access to the CBEST Math practice tests to produce your test-taking skills strongly.

The goal of these books is to help you pass the exam with a perfect score. Choosing each one of them can lead you to great success.

The Perfect Prep Books for the CBEST Math Test

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Original price was: $24.99.Current price is: $14.99.
Satisfied 146 Students

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