What is the Best Laptop for College Students?

What is the Best Laptop for College Students?

Selecting the best laptop for college students can be overwhelming with so many brands and models, there are almost limitless options for what a laptop can do.

The field of study will dictate what tasks and functions it must be capable of and any compatibility that is needed.

The best laptops for college students will be well suited to their courses and classes, will be easy to take to class and use at home, and have a battery life long enough to last through their day.

Those who are in fashion design or recording paths, and any topics that are related to audio and visual, may find an Apple MacBook that may fit their needs best. They are known for crisp details and screens with true-to-life colors.

The battery life will get through the whole day in class and at home, with easy editing programs and a user-friendly operating system. Apple has several models that differ in size, speed, and intended uses.

A college student who is on a budget may find their best fit in a Chromebook. Many models are available and there are Chromebooks from several brand names.

They are smaller laptops and due to their streamlined purpose, they are thinner than most other laptops, keeping them light and easily portable.

Screen size may be an important factor that is determined by personality and how far it needs to be transported from home to school and back.

With fast connections and connections to store documents and files online with little to no lag, they are light and easy to use anywhere.

Those who prefer to keep their documents on their device will require a USB port for a flash or thumb drive and a larger memory built-in. Though laptops are now thinner and lighter than they have ever been in the past they are still sizeable when being carried regularly.

A smaller screen will result in a less bulky laptop, but it will also make detailed work more difficult and often does not have space to have more than one application or document open at a time, limiting multitasking.

The Microsoft Windows operating system offers several opportunities for adding applications or programs and is compatible with a wide range of accessories as well.

Adding a drawing tablet builds further flexibility for those working with online whiteboard programs or similar, they can be used with projectors for presentations, and can easily transfer to work needs once college has been completed.

Several schools use Google Docs and systems, while others will have Microsoft programs and operating systems, and having a laptop that is compatible with the systems at the college make it easier to complete and hand in assignments.

As things are more and more online and less printed and handed in physically, compatibility is also becoming more important.

While no one laptop is best for every college student, by choosing one that is compatible with the school, lightweight, and easy to transport you will be sure to find the right fit.

1- Apple MacBook Pro

2- Microsoft Surface Pro 8

3- Lenovo Chromebook S330

4- ASUS VivoBook 15

5- Dell XPS 13

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