Is the CBEST Math Difficult?

Is the CBEST Math Difficult?

If you are preparing for the CBEST test, it may be important to know whether the math subtest is easy or not. We answered this question in this post. So be with us!

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The California Basic Educational Skills Test, or known as CBEST, is highly specialized. Taking the CBEST is one way to gain some of the credentials needed to succeed in obtaining a teaching license. The CBEST test consist of three parts:

The CBEST math includes 50 multiple-choice questions. You do not allow to use any type of calculator in the math section.

Passing the CBEST test is not easy because it’s intended to make certain that prospective teachers in Oregon and California have the necessary skills to become credentialed teachers. The purpose of the math section of the CBEST is to challenge you to solve math problems, most of which are words. The CBEST math test not only assesses your ability to do various math functions and answer problems but also knows how to use math knowledge in an assortment of commonplace teaching situations. Many of the questions found in this test are only related to the concepts you learned in high school.

So we can conclude the math section of the CBEST test is not a difficult test, and you can succeed in this test with enough study and practice regularly.

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