How to ACE the SAT Math?

As any high school student knows, the SAT is a necessary test that needs to be taken, so you can apply for college studies. Even if you want to take that year off to find yourself before college, you should still take this exam now.  The SAT is not a test that you can just walk into the room and take. There is some preparation that should be done well in advance, not the night before.  A couple of things that you shouldn’t do for this test are stressed out and staying up until 4 a.m. studying night after night.

How to ACE the SAT Math?

What to do first?

There are quite a few things that you can do in order to do well on this exam.  You will want to take a test exam before you start studying, so you will know what areas you need to work on.  There’s no point in spending 4 hours studying how to solve an algebraic expression if you can do them with both eyes closed.  After you know the areas you need to improve on, you can set up a reasonable study schedule accordingly. If you are not sure how to do certain questions, see if you can find another student who can tutor you or if your math teacher can assist you in any way. Another option is to hire a professional SAT math tutor who specializes in this test. They will be able to give you the exact information you will need in order to do well on this exam the first time. No matter what study route you choose, studying your formulas and your math language is a must.

On the test day

On the day of the exam, you should plan on being at the testing site a little earlier than you need to be, so you can take a few minutes to relax and calm your nerves. There are many tools you can use during these next few hours to help you find the correct answers. The one thing you do not want to do is just guess for every answer without even trying to solve the problems. With the new SAT, there is no guessing penalty! (On old SAT, you would lose a quarter of a point for every wrong answer that you give) Even though your ultimate goal is to get an 800 on SAT Math, you may want to think twice about answering a problem if you really have no clue how to solve it.

What strategies should I use?

Since the math section of this test has many multiple choice questions, you can boost your score a little bit, because technically you have the answer right in front of you. You may be able to narrow your choices down for the answers by simply picking a number and plugging it into the problem. Another strategy you can use is to take the answers that are given to you and work the problem out backwards to see if that answer does really work. Since you get four choices for answers in the multiple choice questions, A-D, you should always try the answer for B or C first. The reason for this is that the answers are always listed from the lower number to the higher number. You can save yourself some valuable time with this tip.

More things to consider

A few other tips that will help you during this test are using your calculator and break down larger questions. When you use your calculator, you are not only stopping yourself from making silly mistakes, but you are saving yourself time. If you break down the larger questions into smaller steps, you won’t be as overwhelmed and once you see the smaller steps, the larger question may start to actually make sense. Also, don’t spend a lot of time looking at one question. If it isn’t something that you can start to figure out in less than 30-40 seconds, leave it and go back after you have done as many questions as you can.

Want to get 800?

If you follow all of the guidelines above, you will have a good chance of doing well on your math portion of your SATs. However, if you want to aim for the perfect score of 800 there may be a few extra tips you can follow.

In the first step, you need to know exactly where you stand. The first thing you will want to do when you take the practice SAT is to not time yourself. Take your time and try to get as many answers correct as possible. After you finish, see how long it took you and what your score is. If you are within the time limit and have over a 700, then many of your errors may have been careless ones. If the test took you longer than what you are allowed and you scored below a 700, then you have some work to do. Make sure that you know how to apply the math formulas for the problems and then keep practicing again and again.  The more you do practice problems, the easier they will become and the faster you will be able to do them.

Just go for it!

As long as you put in the necessary work for this SAT, you shouldn’t have any problems at all.  There are many guides and workbooks available to help you with test-taking, studying and practice questions. Take advantage of all of this information, so you can show off how much you have learned all of these years.


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