What to Consider When Retaking the ACT or SAT

What to Consider When Retaking the ACT or SAT

Whether you’re taking the college entrance exam for the first, second, or third time, you are expected to adequately prepare for it. Preparing for the ACT or SAT when planning to take or retake is an essential process. After days of preparation, studying, hard work on the practice test, and even sitting for the exam, the suggestion that you should retake will be very annoying for those retaking it.

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Reasons why the students retake the SAT and ACT

The reason why students retake these exams might sometimes be due to :

1. If your score is lower than average, the average score for the ACT is 20.8 while that of SAT is 1002, and to be frank, most college admission officers are not impressed by moderate, so it might be a good reason to buckle up and retake the test as soon as possible.

2. If your score is lower than the college’s average, most colleges set a different average from the standard, and if your score is lower than that of the college you’re applying to, you should probably retake the test

3. If your score doesn’t qualify you for scholarships, a lot of scholarships are merit-based. If all the scholarships you keep finding have a set ACT/SAT score requirement and your score is below the requirement, you should consider retaking the test to boost your score so you can qualify

Some retake the test to improve on their overall score, while others improve on a particular section

4 things to consider when retaking the ACT or SAT

1- Adequate retesting timeline

If you are retaking the test, the available timeline should be adequate for preparation time to improve overall performance. Six to nine months of preparation is sufficient for a student to perform excellently well in the test.

2- Consider the reasons for your poor performance

Consider the factors that may cause your poor performance, factors like anxiety, fatigue, illness, poor preparation, note whatever reasons may be the cause and work towards these, plan adequately and rest well before the exam to avoid repetition.

3- Score goals

Having a set goal propels students to do better. The reason why you’re retaking the test is either so you can meet the merit list, attain the set score required by the college you’re applying to, or qualify for a scholarship. With this in mind, you will be able to take adequate practice questions and preparation to meet your set goal

4- Improving section score performance

Some colleges at times do not take note of the overall score but instead require the scores of each section of the test. This is why it is essential to improve each section when you’re retaking the exams.

When preparing for the exam, you must place the utmost importance on the sections you struggled on before. Also, performing well in each of the areas will affect the overall score positively.

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