How to Get a Perfect Score of 36 on ACT Math?

Since 1959, the American College Testing Organization (ACT) has been judging students’ potential regarding academics. Presently, the students ponder over their academic abilities through this ACT, which in turn helps them get admittance to different colleges. With 36 as the perfect score on the ACT, the marks vary from 1 to 36. Statistics show that 20 marks are the average score secured by the students; while a minimum of 1 percent of students are successful in achieving an absolute 36. Consequently, the majority of the colleges fetch students with a score of 25 or above. The probability of earning scholarships is also high in this case.

How to Get a Perfect Score of 36 on ACT Math?

This is partly the reason why you need to score a perfect 36 on ACT math, but there is always more to it. The basic understanding needs to be developed first that there is a vast difference between getting 33 (which more than 10 percent of students do get) and securing 34 or above in ACT math. An absolute 36 score would firstly facilitate you with some relaxation in gaining marks in other ACT subjects, be it English, Reading, or Science scores. Secondly, if you’re planning for a quantitative or a science major, then remember, your math score is the headmost key for it. Also, if you are applying to a highly selective technical school, then again a complete 36 score in ACT Math is essential. But how can it be achieved?

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ACT Math - 36-How Can

Understand the dire need to secure a perfect 36, as explained above, and you have already achieved it. Know that you can do it, never underestimate yourself. Having a low IQ is not a matter of concern as long as you work hard and study smart. In every attempt that you make for a 36, while practicing for ACT Math, calculate the raw score that you need to acquire your target. Plan various strategies to be focused on. Dig out your high-level weakness- Content or Time management. To reach perfection, you need to try again until you have not just conquered all your weaknesses but understood them vigilantly. Don’t be in a hustle, if you miss a question; make it a point that you resolve it first. Consider time management an important factor in getting an impeccable score so that you end up with extra time and double-check.

Careless Mistake

Careless mistakes, being the most costly and frustrating, can be avoided easily by double-checking your questions. A perimeter could have been misinterpreted by you like the area, which is easily detected in the double-check. Thoroughly memorized formulas and the fundamental knowledge of common math facts could also help conquer these silly mistakes. Lastly, a pastoral and relaxed mindset is required irrespective of your surroundings. Personal life issues and other matters are to be kept aside when you are practicing especially during the final test.

Aim high, be focused, and believe in yourself. All these sums up your destiny towards attaining a splendid 36 in ACT math.

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