Top 10 Free Websites for ACT Math Preparation

Top 10 Free Websites for ACT Math Preparation

The ACT is a standardized test that assesses your university’s readiness and assesses your grades during the admissions process. It is one aspect of your eligibility for college or university admission. This test has five parts:

  • English (45 minutes- 75 questions)
  • Math (60 minutes- 60 questions)
  • Reading (35 minutes- 40 questions)
  • Science (35 minutes- 40 questions)
  • Writing (40 minutes- Optional)

The ACT math test is divided into several categories of knowledge, each question of the test falls into a specific category. These categories involve Trigonometry, Intermediate Algebra, Elementary Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, Pre-Algebra, and Plane Geometry.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the top ten free websites for the ACT that, if the cost of attending online classes is difficult for you or you do not have enough time to attend the ACT classes, be able to pass this test successfully. So join us!

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1: EffortlessMath

The applied and comprehensive EffortlessMath site prepares you well for the ACT Math test. The worksheetspractice testsexercises, and test-taking strategies on the site will help you to check the math lessons required for your ACT and remember what you forgot.  

2: Official ACT Practice Questions

Review these practice questions from ACT authors to familiarize yourself with the ACT® test on the Official ACT Practice Questions. For each question, you can click on your answer to see if you are right. There are five sets of questions for English and math.

3: PrepScholar

The PrepScholar allows you to download and print all the official ACT practice tests with their answer keys. These are real tests done over the years, so they look exactly like what you see on test day!

4: Varsity Tutors

Unlike the official practice tests, you have to print and grade, VarsityTutors suggest free ACT questions that you can use online and score automatically. These questions are useful for reinforcing content knowledge and reviewing concepts, but less so for gaining familiarity with how actual ACT questions are structured and wording (since they are not formal practice questions).

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5: Khan Academy        

Khan Academy has several videos that explain different subjects of mathematics, science, and reading, and many people find that they learn more than watching a video compared to reading. Try this site to see if this is a good source of ACT preparation for you.

6: BWS Education Consulting

BWS Education Consulting offers many paid tutoring and exam preparation. However, on their website, you will also find free practice tests in ACT English, Math, Reading, and Science. The exams mirror the ACT sections well and can be printed to simulate the exam experience. Each test has an answer key, but no answer description is provided.

7: PowerScore   

The PowerScore website lets you download four official, free ACT practice tests with answer keys. Since there is no explanation for the answer, you should try to analyze your mistakes and find out what your mistakes are in the reasoning for each question you get wrong.

8: KAPLAN        

At KAPLAN, you can take the free ACT practice test, check the exact score and access the ACT Classroom Anywhere preparation course.

9: Peterson’s       

Sign up for a free StudentEdge account on the Peterson’s and then sign up for the online exam. After the test, your strengths and weaknesses will be assessed, and you will be better able to develop test strategies.

10: Number2

Number2 has a variety of preparation materials and training courses for the ACT that is completely free to use.

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