What Skills Do I Need for the ACT Math Test?

What Skills Do I Need for the ACT Math Test?

The American College Testing Organization (ACT) is a standardized test used for college admissions in the United States that assesses students’ academic ability.

It comprises English, Reading, Mathematics, and Science sections, including an optional 40 minutes writing test. In the ACT assessment test, each question carries equal marks.

The ACT math is the next section after English, which is the first, and it comprises 60 questions with 60 minutes of answering time.

The test covers all the math topics students have learned through their years in high school.

It contains multiple-choice questions and allows the use of a personal calculator.

The questions in ACT math are not arranged topic by topic but are randomly scattered. Moving from one topic to the other requires students to use reasoning skills to solve practical problems.

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The Topics Included in ACT Math

All questions asked are 100% the topics done until the beginning of grade 12, and they include:

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How to achieve an excellent score in the ACT Math Section?

1- Answer the more straightforward questions first

All questions are awarded the same amount of time and score, so if a question is proving quite difficult for you, skip it and move to easier ones. Use the available time to cross-check and answer the hard ones when you’re through with the easy ones.

2- Make the answer options work for you

Some questions don’t need calculation to find the answers. You have to integrate each answer into the options and choose the one that fits the stipulated question. In ACT math, it doesn’t matter how you got the solutions since you will not show the workings. What matters is that you get the answers right

3- Replace abstract values with concrete ones

It’s easier to work with real numbers than with abstract values like ‘x’s and ‘y’. That way, it is easier to get honest answers (s). But when doing this, insert small numbers, and also avoid 0 and 1.

4- Remove the extra words to get the central question

Sometimes, math problems can be wordy. Taking out the other unnecessary words will extract the real question, so you can just focus on that.

5- Have enough content knowledge

There is no referencing for the formulas, so it will be helpful if you memorize all the formulas you’ll be needing for algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, and work on the parts you are rusty at.

How the ACT Math test is scored?

The score is dependent on how many questions you answered correctly out of the 60 questions. The raw score is converted to a section score that is between 1 and 36.

Asides from that, you’re given three (3) subscores based on the 6 contents of the ACT math section; pre-algebra and elementary algebra, intermediate algebra and coordinate geometry, and plane geometry and trigonometry.

The subscores give you an idea of how well you did in each topic, so you can work on them and make improvements. But colleges don’t take note of the subscores, but the overall score and each section score.

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