How to Score 800 on SAT Math?

Do you have an SAT Math score in your mind? Do you wish to get a full SAT Score? If yes, you must understand what you should do to score in the actual exam. For a Math Scaled Score of 800, you must make a Raw Score of 54. And, there are several SAT Math Strategies to help you score high.

How to Score 800 on SAT Math?

Know Your Powers

To attain a target score, you must be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Check if you are a pro in time management or content. Every student has his/her flaws and strengths. If you are uncomfortable with certain topics in SAT, you should work hard and improve these areas. Take as many practice tests as possible and check what you have to reach that realistic score.

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Know Your Mistakes

When you make mistakes, you should stay positive and alert! Understand every mistake and figure out how to rectify them. On your journey to perfection, these mistakes should be studied and covered. Remember that every mistake will knock your SAT Math score. If you don’t know why you make mistakes, approach a trained SAT tutor. The professionals will help you understand and eliminate mistakes. Always bear in mind that there are no excuses for the mistakes you make.

Know Your Subject

Do you suffer from content gaps? Are you worried about missing content? To score high, you should be a master of many topics. When it comes to numbers, you must know topics like probability, algebra, operations, geometry, and more.

At the subject level, you should have plenty of subskills. According to high scorers, you can score between 90 and 100 percent only if you have mastered the topics evenly. Undeniably, you will have different pros and cons across all math subjects. Once you analyze the root cause of your mistakes, you should be enthusiastic about understanding more about that content.

When you are solving practice tests, you should not miss a question. Try to resolve many practice questions. This is considered a part of passive learning. Also, try solving problems differently. By resolving problems, what you learn will remain with you for a longer time!

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Know Your Speed

Finally, you must double-check and finish with some buffer time. It is always good to re-check during SAT Math exams. Try to complete the section ahead of time (maybe 15 minutes). This way, you will have more time to double-check and spot careless mistakes.

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