What does SAT Stand for?

What does SAT Stand for?

The SAT was first introduced in 1926 and has since remained a major test for the College Admission Standard Test. But what does SAT mean? The answer is quite complicated. The name of the test has changed twice over the last 90 years. Join us for more information on the SAT history and reasoning for the name.

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Originally, SAT stood for the “Scholastic Aptitude Test” and was designed as an assessment that assesses a particular student’s college-specific skills. However, the word aptitude means the natural ability to do something, and the SAT is not necessarily a measure of aptitude because you had the chance to learn the subject, instead of having a natural ability to recognize it. Therefore, since the SAT was not necessarily an aptitude test, the College Board changed the test to the “Scholastic Assessment Test” in 1993, which was divided into two parts: the SAT 1: Reasoning Test and the SAT 2: Subject Tests. After the name change, the SAT was viewed to be more accurate by being labeled as an assessment because the SAT assessed how you grew intellectually during your high school years.

In 1997, the College Board faced another issue with the name for the SAT. They found that “assessment” was synonymous with the word “test,” which turned the Scholastic Assessment Test into a Scholastic Test Test. So, for this reason, the College Board renamed the test to SAT, and “SAT” no longer meant anything. “SAT” is now just SAT.

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