Prepare for the SAT Math: The Right Combination of Hard Work and Time Management

How to work on SAT Math questions? Yes! We all have been taught to crack it without using the calculator but calculators are a good thing. Solutions sure come easy with its aid.

Formulas on the other hand need to be stored in one of your trusted tabs of the brain.

Some of the important ones are the Pythagorean Theorem, area formulas, exponent rules, special triangle rules, and the average formula.

Prepare for the SAT Math: The Right Combination of Hard Work and Time Management

While we are on that, let us keep a few more quick tips related to formula handy.

While calculating square roots of huge numbers, it is simple to divide the large number into four parts.

In the case of Profit and Loss, it is best to remember the following.

For-Profit- 25% of Cost Price (1/4 of CP) equals 20% of Selling Price (1/5 of SP) and 1/3 of CP equals 1/2 of SP while for loss, just alter the positions of the Cost Price and the Selling Price.

Mah Equations

One effective way to work around an equation is to try and place each answer to the problem and discover which one works. This is often known as the Brute force method.

What happens when you encounter story problems?

You must remember that your task is to search for the relevant information that will enable you to solve the problem. Steer clear of getting confused with too much information.

How do you manage time in a moment of panic?

One tip is to avoid problems that will take longer to solve. You may know the right answer but return to it later when you have already solved the other questions.

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Also, strike out answers that are incorrect and you realize it at a glance. Remember to focus where it matters.

Mathematics is not something that you learn in a day. It gets accurate and faster with practice.

Please do not miss the practice tests at schools, take test trials at home, and subscribe to internet sites that focus on SAT materials. Perfect your skill.

It is important to identify your areas of strength and weaknesses and work out relevant strategies to emerge with flying colors.

You should be able to determine when you are ready to take the SAT exam.

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On the day before the exam, allow yourself some rest and just be confident.

Always remember, if scores are not satisfactory the first time, you can go for it again.

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