Top 10 Tips to ACE the CBEST Math Test

Top 10 Tips to ACE the CBEST Math Test

The California Basic Educational Skills Test, or CBEST, is a test required for people who want to teach in California public schools. The CBEST has three parts:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematics

There are 50 multiple-choice questions in each reading and math part, and the writing section requires two essay responses.

If you are preparing for the CBEST, you may be having stress about the math section. Here are some important tips to help you succeed in CBEST math. So join us!

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1- Understand the question well

The first and important step in answering the CBEST math test questions is to read each question carefully and make sure you know what is asked. Be notified of the keywords in the questions and underline them.

2- Translate each word into math

While different types of concepts appear in the math subtest, one skill is often used: translating the language of English into the language of math. So carefully translate the words into math to get the correct answer.

3- Use scratch paper

You will not be able to use the calculator in the CBEST math subtest, which means that all calculations must be done manually. To avoid making silly errors, use the scratch paper provided to you to fix the problems.

4- Check the answer again

Do not rush to answer questions. In each CBEST math question, after calculating the answer, check the answer again and the method of calculating it to make sure that the answer is correct.

5- Answer every math question

CBEST is scored based on the number of questions you answer correctly – there is no penalty for incorrect answers. So, make sure you respond to each question to get the highest score possible!

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6- Keep your mind calm during the CBEST test

Stress is normal for experimenters. However, remind yourself not to worry. If the CBEST test is difficult, the same is true for other testers. The important thing is that you have done your best, and now unnecessary anxiety ruins everything. If you are anxious during the test session, you can use the test break methods and pause the CBEST test for a few moments. Take a deep breath, stay in this situation for a few seconds, then exhale completely and repeat up to 3 times.

7- Read the fine print

Often in the CBEST math subtest, there will be important fine print to be read as part of a chart, diagram, table, or graph. Whenever you come across a visual aid on the exam, be sure to look for that fine print, as it will often alert you to an extra step that needs to be taken to get the correct answer.

8- Do not dwell on math questions too much

Do not dwell on one question, if some of the answers do not come to mind, stay calm and give it up. In the first place, do not focus on questions that you have answered confidently and carefully. Most of the time, the first guess is the most accurate. Too much obsession may cause you to change the correct answers and instead mark the wrong answer.

9- Do not be afraid to guess

You will not be penalized for math wrong answers, so it is always worth choosing an answer even if you are not sure.

10- Give yourself a break if necessary

CBEST is timed and includes no scheduled breaks, so if you are tired; close your eyes for a minute or two. This short break will increase the efficiency of your mind, and then you can continue answering the math questions with more power and energy.

By following these tips, you can greatly increase your score on the CBEST math test. Now it’s time for you to shine in the CBEST math test using these tips.

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